New School

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Shout out to GalaxyGurl2929 and MintyGalaxy085 for the amazing idea of this story and title!!!

Shiro's POV

Tomorrow is the beginning of my first year of high school, and the bad thing about it is that it's also my first day at an all new school. I live with my Mom Adeline, My Dad Kizumi, My Gram Naomi, My Pap Tyler, and this other couple named Samantha and Yasuo. My parents told me that they all had some sort of power bond that let them stay young forever and never die, something like that, but I know they're hiding more.

After helping move some boxes into our new house I eventually got bored and went up to my new room. I opened a box labeled uniforms and looked at what kind of outfits I would have to be wearing at this new school. I was worried for tomorrow, because I never fit in and I'm always an outcast. For some reason people just don't like me, but hopefully at this school I can make a new impression and make some friends.

The next morning I quickly changed into my uniform and ran out the door to school. I felt butterflies in my stomach as I got nearer and nearer to the school, but once I actually got there I got tensed. I kinda waddled my way into the school as up the stairs to my class. A teacher waited outside the door and smiled once they saw me. "Hello you must be Shiro? I'm going to be your teacher for the school year. If you don't mind please follow me into the class room for an introduction" the teacher said ushering me in.

"Good morning class! We have a new student today named Shiro. Please give him a warm welcome!" The teacher announced as I stood there beside her scanning the room. My eyes landed on a group of three girls who were sat huddled together staring wide eye at me. I blushed a bit before being shown to my seat.

After class was over for the day, I started to head down stairs to exit the school till I saw the same group of girls staring at me again. I smiled the best I could (I probably looked like some creep!) and gave a small wave. The three girls blushed and turned back into their little group to start whispering about something. 'Great they're probably whispering about how much of loser I am. What a "great" first impression I made!' I silently scolded myself.

On my walk home I started to think about the three girls. I tried to erase them from my mind, but I just kept thinking about them. To be honest I would not be surprised if they were the most popular girls in school. I mean all three of them looked pretty damn hot if you ask me. Hopefully they don't think I'm weird and may actually talk to me....WHO THE HELL AM I KIDDING! THEY DEFINITELY HAVE TO THINK IM SOME CREEP!!

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