Day 3

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Realizing that I was close to getting caught wearing panties yesterday, I decided that I would wear them under my boxers, so I wouldn't get caught changing in the stall. That was my first mistake.

The day went by fast as there was a lot of speculation on who the teams would be, especially at lunch. Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that I had been hanging out with Kelly during school and sitting with some of the volleyball girls at lunch. So I had some friends.

Practice time came and I headed to the locker room. Before I could make it to the stall, I was stopped by Jake, captain of the football team.

"How is volleyball going?" He asked.

"Good" I replied trying to get out of this conversation as quickly as possible.

"Let me see your bag" he said reaching for my bag.

I tried to resist. Mistake number two. I was grabbed by two other guys on the team.

Jake took my bag and opened it, taking out the bag with my clothes in it. He dumped them out, revealing my white shorts and crazy socks.

"Hmm, Steph thought she saw panty lines through your shorts yesterday and asked me to check. She must be crazy, I didn't think you could be that gay." He said.

I was starting to feel smart, outsmarting the football captain made me overlook the gay comment.

But I wasn't out of the woods yet. I grabbed my clothes and waited outside the now occupied stall.

"You know this is a locker room, you don't need to change in the stall" James said. Suddenly it clicked.

"Unless..." He said chasing after me. I once again was grabbed. Two guys held me up as Jake slid off my jeans followed by my boxers, exposing my pink panties with a large rainbow on the butt.

They all laughed.

"You almost got away with it Panty Boy" Jake laughed. He took my clothes and shoved them in his locker.

I argued that it was required for practice and I needed my clothes. He threw me my socks and knee pads, telling me to put them on and I did, expecting him to give me my shorts next. But instead he locked his locker and the boys all left for practice.

I was now standing in my shirt, panties, socks, and shoes. I began to search frantically for spare clothes but since it was so early in the school year, there were no spare clothes and everyone's locker was locked. I began to sob.

I couldn't go out to practice and had no way of getting my clothes back until after football practice. I really didn't want for them to get back.

Not to much after my sobbing episode, coaches voice rang from outside the locker room.

"I'm in here" I responded.

She told me to come to the doorway and I did as instructed. She chuckled when she saw me but then asked about my pants. I told her the story and she told me to wait in there. She returned with some clothes.

"I asked Kelly if you could borrow her clothes from school today and you can just take today off, call your mom and go home."

I really couldn't go home. I didn't want to go out there dressed in girl clothes, since Stephanie was part of the reason the boys bullied me. Since Syd's mom wasn't going to be here until after April's practice, I was stuck.

The football boys would be back around the same time April wasn't getting picked up, so I was a sitting duck. It seemed like my only option was to walk to April's school wearing Kelly's clothes and catch Syd's mom before she left.

I thanked coach for the clothes and went back into the locker room. Of course Kelly was wearing a dress that day. But it was better than anyone else knowing my situation.

I put it on and realized that I now looked foolish. I then headed out the back door and booked it to April's school. Running only made me look more foolish but I felt it had to be done.

I ten climbed the fence and sat on the swing. I sat there until I saw Syd's moms car. I then reclimbed the fence and met her before she went into the school. She looked puzzled when she saw me but allowed me to sit in the car after explaining my situation.

When the girls came to the car, they both commented on my "pretty dress" which frustrated me. I told the story once more. They thought it was pretty funny. That night, I returned the dress to Kelly, thanking her. She told me she wished she could have saw me in it. I laughed and told her that she didn't.

The following morning at school, I was called into the office. James had been suspended and I had a room in the office where I could store my clothes and change before practice. This made everything easier.

Throughout the day, I was referred to as Panty Boy, which sucked. And while a few got detentions for calling me that, that didn't keep most people from calling me that.

At practice, I learned that I was a B team starter. I was a little bit frustrated because I thought I deserved to be on the A team but at least I wasn't going to be cheering.

They days got easier. Aunt Becky wasn't home very often so she didn't know much of what was going on. I only tried to tell her positive things since she always seemed stressed when she was home.

With games coming up, i was actually looking forward to something. I hit the books extra hard to stay eligible and was actually getting Bs.

There was a lot going on right now but I had positives to distract me from the negatives.

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