Lunar Affair (Manxman - LGBT)

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Chapter One 

Supply Officer, Lieutenant Jack Alexander sat morosely over his drink in the corner of the bar and watched the man he loved being expertly seduced by a very young man with a pretty face and blond hair curling just above his ears. It was being done very cleverly, he was certain Marc thought he was the one making the moves. He was leaning forward and laughing at something the boy had said, casually letting their fingers touch as he bought him another drink. His head was carefully angled so that the dim light in the bar fell on the good side of his face, leaving the ugly scars in shadow, though surely the boy must have seen them already, and been prepared to turn a blind eye. Marc leant even closer and whispered something in his ear. The boy smiled shyly and dropped his eyes. Lieutenant Alexander felt as if he could cheerfully have kicked him. Marc stood up, unable to completely hide his triumph, and the boy finished his drink quickly and rose to his feet, then they went out of the room together. 

Jack Alexander felt a pain in his chest that was becoming all too familiar. Marc had always been something of a player when it came to relationships but ever since the assault, he had been picking up a different man every time they had station leave, as if he was trying to prove something, perhaps something as simple as "Hey, I'm still attractive." Jack looked around half heartedly, maybe he should try and find someone for the night as well. But he didn't want just 'someone', he wanted Marc. God, he was an idiot, that was never going to happen, not in a million years. You'd think he would have been able to move on by now, stop fixating on the one man who was out of bounds, his best friend.  

Jack and Marc had been friends since their first day at the patrol academy. Two very different men, the old story of opposites attracting, Marc tall and handsome, his hair a striking copper colour, his features finely chiselled and his body soon turned into sculptured muscle by the hard training. Jack on the other hand, was just an ordinary looking guy, with a plain, likeable face, dark brown hair he wore a little too long and always seeming to have a few extra kilos round the middle that he couldn't shake.  

Marc was driven by ambition and soon found his feet on the bottom step of the ladder to becoming an officer. Jack kept up, more because of their friendship than because he wanted to be a Captain or even a Lieutenant, and had eventually moved sideways into the position of Supply and Logistics Officer which suited his less aggressive personality down to the ground. Marc had risen steadily to position of First Lieutenant on the Lunar and looked set to achieve his ultimate goal of a captaincy, assuming he passed the interview in a few weeks time. 

From the moment they had realised they were both oms, they had looked out for each other, any cadet who tried to harass one of them found he had had two men to fight. Like any other om in the academy, they kept their sexuality hidden from everyone else except the Chief Medical officer. Jack and Marc had kept their friendship totally platonic for their own protection, a relationship might have lead to one, or both, of them being transferred out. The academy was not the place to admit you were an om. 

At first, Jack welcomed the platonic nature of their relationship. He suspected that they would never have become friends otherwise, he would have just been the latest in a long line of men Marc had seduced and dumped. He remembered vividly the moment things had changed. Marc had come into his hotel room after a rather unpleasant breakup with his latest and sat next to him on the couch, pouring himself a large glass of Aurigan whisky. Some moments later Jack turned to ask him something and found that he had fallen asleep, his head gradually sliding down to rest on Jack's shoulder, his body unconsciously cuddling into him, one hand coming up to rest on his chest. Jack had felt such a powerful surge of love that it took his breath away. He had sat there for hours, treasuring the moment. As soon as Marc woke though, stretching and making a vulgar joke, it was obvious to Jack that the revelation had only been one sided. He had done his best ever since to keep his feelings totally under wraps, but it was getting harder and harder. 

He ordered another drink from the passing waiter and sat back in his corner, maybe he should give up and go back to the ship, or maybe he should just get drunk and pick up a complete stranger. 


Lieutenant Marc Duran was running his hand caressingly up and down the side of the youth beneath him. He had beautiful smooth skin, unblemished, young skin. Marc didn't usually pick up such a young man but there had been something about him that had attracted him sufficiently to break his rule. He bent his head again and kissed him, scarcely noticing that the boy kept his eyes tightly shut. 

Marc was just drifting off to sleep after a rather energetic couple of hours, when the boy, he'd said his name was Ryan, turned to him and asked softly, "What happened to your face?" 

"I was on a mission and a man fired a laser gun at me. There's only so much even modern medical technology can do to fix that sort of injury." He grimaced. 

"Did you get the man responsible?" Expectantly. 

"We got the man who fired the shot, but not the one who was behind it all. At least, not yet, but it should be soon. We have some leads." 

Ryan looked at him with concern shining in his eyes, "I hope they flog him. Will you be there when they catch him?" He started kissing the strong column of Marc's throat, avoiding the scarred tissue, his left hand playing with the short copper curls at the back of his neck. 

"No unfortunately, that will be up to the local force, but I'll have to help with the identification and charges of course." 

"So you'll be back here? When? Perhaps we can meet up again, I'd really like that." Marc found himself eagerly rolling over onto his back as Ryan kissed his way down his smooth chest to his lean stomach, his clever fingers working their magic for the third time.  

"Saturday, in two weeks time." The words came out rather breathlessly. "They'll pick him up on Friday so I should be able to see you again on Saturday evening." He wasn't supposed to tell anyone anything about the operation, but by then he wasn't exactly thinking with his brain.  

Both men were back at work on the Lunar the next day neither of them feeling particularly refreshed. Alexander was nursing a hangover and Duran was reliving his night with Ryan, trying to ignore the ugly suspicions sliding around the back of his mind about just how could an apparently shy eighteen year old be that expert a lover.

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