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daddy: why did you change your emojis to sad ones?

luke🙍🏼💧: i always change them to the mood i'm in.

daddy: why are you sad??? ))):

daddy: even though we just started talking, i'm always gonna be here for you(:

luke🙍🏼💧: thanks michael

michael was going to throw in a "daddy*" joke, but decided that he shouldn't.

luke🙍🏼💧: my parents are fighting and i'm so scared that they're gonna split up because i love them so much and they make me happy when they're together, but lately they've been in a whole bunch of fights and it scares me so much

luke🙍🏼💧: please help michael, i'm crying so hard

luke🙍🏼💧: for no apparent reason

10 minutes later

luke🙍🏼💧: sorry, i'm such a coward

luke🙍🏼💧: please don't hate me.

luke🙍🏼💧: i'm going to sleep.

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