Chapter One

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Harleen Frances Quinnzel was a psychiatrist in Arkham asylum. She had just gotten out of the asylum to go back home. She took her car keys out of her pocket and walked to her car. She opened the red cars door and hopped in. Then she drove off.

It takes about an hour for her to get home. About thirty minutes later her car broke down. She groaned and got out of her car to try and find help. Harley walked through the cold city in search of someone who might be able to help. Until she was pulled aside. She looked at the person that pulled her aside and saw his face was covered by a hood. From what she could see, he was smiling at her menacingly.

"Hello, what's a pretty thing like you doing out here, and all alone?" The strange man asked. Harley tried getting away but he stopped her.

"Don't leave so soon." He growled.

Harley looked at the man and reached for the hood that was covering has face. The man stopped her hand quickly.

"That's a No no, you don't reach for the hood, you'll see who I am soon enough." The man said.

"Let me go! I have to get home to my-" Harley was saying before the man covered her mouth. She tried to bite his hand but they didn't work.

"Let me guess, you have to get home to your boyfriend who loves you so much." The man said smiling, "How do you know he's not cheating on you right now?" He continued. Harley thought about it for a minute, at nights her boyfriend, Jess, has been getting home late from the bar.

"Another girl could be at your house with him, Jess holding that girl Juliet, from the bar, in his arms." He laughed. 'How did he know Jess' name?' Harley thought.

'No Jess wouldn't do that he loves me!' Harleys thoughts continued.

The man let go of her mouth.

"How the hell would you know? Jess loves me!" Harley screamed at him. The stranger smiled while laughing.

"Y'know what how 'bout this sweetheart I'll let you go home and see for yourself." He said ad he let go of her and allowed her to leave. She started running back to her car, getting out her purse and all the important things and running home.

Harley wanted to get home to Jess, to cuddle next to him on the couch and tell him about the evenings events. Her heart was racing as she ran into her driveway. She shakily opened the door and ran inside. Harley was happy to be home. Then she changed and got into her shower.

After five minutes she got out and put on her night clothes, a red night gown they goes down to her knees.

Harley walked into her bedroom

She heard moaning from the other side of the door. 'Its probably nothing, maybe he has a stomachache?' She questioned herself. Harley slowly opened the door, not wanting to see what was going on. She closed her eyes tightly and when she opened the door she saw Jess on top of another blonde girl.

"Jess?" Harley asked. Jess quickly got off of her and covered himself up with her blanket.

"Hey Babe, this isn't what it looks like! Its just a misunderstanding!"

Jess quickly said. Harley's eyes started to water.

"Just what is it that I'm not understanding?" Harley yelled angrily. Jess couldn't speak he was scared to. The girl was collecting her clothes.

"Jess! You told me this was Your house and that you were single! If I knew that you had a girlfriend I would've never come home with you!" The blonde said as she put on her clothes.

As she was about to leave she stopped next to Harley.

"I am so sorry, He told me this was his house and that he was single. If I knew he had a girlfriend I would've never gone out with him. I'm so, so sorry." The blonde said. Harley nodded and the other blonde left the house. Jess quickly put on his clothes.

"Harley Baby listen to me-" Jess started.

"OUT! NOW! I don't want to even see the sight of you!" Harley shouted. Jess nodded and ran out.

She sat in the floor and started to cry. She felt someone tap on her shoulder. She looked behind her and saw the strange man that she met this morning.

"Told you so." He said as he walked calmly out of the house. She didn't even care that a psychopath had just broke into her house. Now she's all alone.

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