Song Inspired One Shots

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Hi there!

You know that moment when you’re listening to a song, and it just seems to create a certain vision in your head? It could be anything depending on the song and you even think ‘well that song would’ve been perfect for ‘this’ moment of a certain movie!’

Well, that’s what I have/will be doing with these one shots.

Sometimes the scenes I vision are based on the words, other times they could be based solely on the mood of the song. Some of the songs were picked by me, while others are songs sent in by fans. So if you have a song that you love, find inspirational or just think would suit a certain ‘moment’, then comment it on THIS chapter (just to make it easier on me). If you by any chance comment a song on another chapter, I probably won’t note it down to listen to so make sure to comment it on THIS one.


Down in the comments section below this writing.

I can’t promise to use all the songs I get sent, but if I do use the song you send me, I will dedicate the chapter to you.

Also, this One Shots book will be something I do when inspiration hits or when I have the extra time. It won't be something I concentrate one.

Enjoy J

NOTE: Try not to send me too many full on techno songs, solely due to the fact that I find it hard to imagine ‘moments’ with techno songs.

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