Chapter 10

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Your P.O.V

When i arrived at the cafe, i saw Sherlock sitting in the corner and a bunch of press outside. I pushed through all the flashing lights and made my way over to Sher's table. He greeted me with a hug and we sat down. We discussed where to look for Cassy out of where our deductions told us to go , i said i would look at her uncles house because my deductions told me he was the one who kidnapped her for a ransom and Sher was going to check the street she was kidnapped on. He grabbed my hand and we walked outside into the field of cameras. Click. Click. Click. Was all i heard. Photographs and more photographs we got to the end of the pathway but still cameras clicking away, we didnt see them. I sighed annoyed. Sherlock gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me he would see me soon. I gave him a look. "I missed didnt I", Sherlock asked. I nodded. He gave me a sweet kiss on the lips and hugged me. "See you soon my dear", he sighed. "See ya Sher.", I replied.

------------------Time Skip------------------

I got to the Uncles house and i knocked. I showed him my D.I badge and barged in. I checked upstairs, in all the rooms, in the basement and in the attic. Darn it Sher was right. I heard a sniffling. I double-checked the attic. A little girl huddled on top of the closet with a blanket over her fitted the description of little Cassy Hopkins. I walked over to the closet carefully and stood on top of a chair to reach the top of it, in one swift motion i pulled the blanket off and scooped the little girl over my shoulder. I sat her down and began to shush her. She gave me a big cuddle and i hugged back. I picked her up and turned around and behind me was Sherlock. "Well done. Your deductions are getting better my dear.", he said. I let out a little laugh. I walked out and called Lestrade. Within minutes, police officers crawled Cassy's Uncle's house and arrested him. Little Cassy fell asleep on my shoulders and Donovan came to take her off, she woke up and started to cry. I shushed her and explained to Donovan that Sher and I would take her back. Sherlock walked outside and came to me. I hailed a cab and we got in with Cassy. She sat on my lap and smiled at Sherlock. He looked confused. I struggled to hold in my laughter. She leaned over to him and started to play with his curly locks. I lost it. I burst out into fits of laughs and Cassy joined in with me. Minuted later, when Sher realised he wasnt going to get anywhere, he started laughing too. I smiled at my perfect life in London... and thats when the trouble started.

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