welcome to camp wwe: part 2

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A/N: I fogot to mention this, but this story will be part of the shows and made up. Right now it's before the show begins. ALSO I OWN NOTHING ONLY JESSICA CENA
P.S: I gonna changed it a little bit

John's POV:

After Jessica left to her cabin, everyone started asking me questions like "is she really your sister?" "why didn't she come with you?" " is she your twin or older sister?" "why was she in juvie?"and "is she single?" When everyone was done asking questions I said "she's my older twin sister, she was still in juvie when I left because she got in a lot of fights,
And she is single." everyone was looking at me as if I'm an alien "why are you all looking at me weird" soon undertaker said " that's because she's more badass than you especially with the haircut and piercings" "and more hotter than you too" said dean and roman in union.

*********** girls' cabin ***********

Jessica's POV:

When we got to the cabin, the girls told me who everyone was or whatever. "Hey since we're gonna be roomies for the whole summer why won't ya tell us more about ya, lass" said becky " sure whatever, my name's Jessica Cena but I prefer ace. John's my younger twin brother, I'm into all types of music but mostly metal, I like cars and practially the definition of a tomboy." nikki asked "why do you 'ace' instead of 'jess' or 'jessie'?" I let out a sigh and rubbed my temples "for two reasons; those names are too girly and I only let John call me that, and this" I said as I lowered the collar of my shirt to show my ace tattoo. All the girls gathered around to touch it, "did it hurt?" "how can you get a tattoo as a eight years old?" "what's the meaning behind it" "why did you picked an ace instead of something else?" I got a little pissed off and said "shut up and I'll explain why I got it!" once it quiet down I said "better, I got this tattoo in juvie cuz I like playing cards, it hurt a little and almost every kid in juvie has a tattoo. Now... Where's the shower."

***20 minutes after taking a shower***

I just finshed taking a shower, now I'm in my black shorts and black sports bra with my mohawk in a bun looking for a shirt or tank top. "FUCK" I yelled out, then the girls looked at me frighten and confused. "What's wrong ace?" asked paige "I can't find my tank top that I sleep in and it's almost time to sleep and I'm fucking tired" "do you wanna borrow one of our clothes then?" asked the twins. Barely ten seconds past and almost every girl offered a pink or girly shirt. "Okay I gonna try and be nice, but all of your styles doesn't go well with my style, if you know what I mean. I'm gonna go see John if he can lead my a tank top" before they could respond I already left to go to johnny boy's cabin. I kept getting stared at, but I remembered I'm only in bra and shorts with my tatt showing. Before I could knock on the door, Steve open the door "well well looks like lil' cena's lost" "fuck off baldly, I'm looking for the other cena, and I'm the older twin." I walked past baldly and and I see John listening to music on his bed, so I decided to sneak up to him and scare him. I pulled him off the bed and put him in a head lock with his arm bent behind his back, Now my somewhat harmless prank turned into a wrestling match. Still had him in the hold for 5 minutes and I got bored, "say it johnny boy and I'll let go" I yelled out adding more pressure to his arm.

John's POV:

I was listening to music when I suddenly hit the ground I'm a head lock and an arm breaker, I instantly knew it was Jessie. 5 minutes past and jess said "Say it johnny boy and I'll let you go" and I felt like my arm was about break, so I said "okay okay you're the better twin and I'm the mistake and you're the best fighter in the family now let me go my arm it feels like it's gonna about to break" after she let go of my arm, she started digging in my clothes. "Hey those are my clothes and why are you not wearing a shirt (gasp) is that a tattoo, why did you get it, where did you get, does mom or dad know about-" before I could finish jess hit me with a tank top. After she put it on, she said " shut up! I got it in juvie, it looks awesome and worth the pain, also mom and dad doesn't know, so keep your mouth shut or else I gonna break your arm again" when she finish telling me about the tattoo, she left. It felt a little awkward after she left because all of the  boys at camp were in my cabin and saw her in a bra and shorts. I got a little protective and yelled "HEY!!" which got everyone's attention "That's my sister quit starring she left." I heard someone whined "but she's hot!" before I could yell back sargent slaughter bust through the doors and yelled "it's 2200 hours!! time to hit the hay. Everyone get to your own cabins before I make you laps around the whole camp" then everyone left leaving me and my cabin buddies. Before I fell a sleep I heard my buddies whispering about how hot my sister was, I think I barfed in my mouth.

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