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michaelgclifford wants to send you a friend request

"what?" luke said aloud, clicking onto the message.

michaelgclifford: Hi luke✨💞, I'd like to add you on Skype.

hemmo1996: who are you and why are you sending me a friend request?

michaelgclifford: i'm michael clifford from school

hemmo1996: you go to my school wtf

hemmo1996: what do you look like?

michaelgclifford: it's on my profile pic, dumbass

hemmo1996: sassy

hemmo1996: holy shit you're fucking hot

michaelgclifford: tell me something i don't know

hemmo1996: shut up

hello! i'm writing a new fanfic, especially something like this because these fanfics are quick and easy to make!

i hope y'all enjoy it :)


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