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Woohoo! Here you are, dear reader. It's you! You are a virgin in my story. If you aren't in real life, please pretend that you are for the sake of storytelling😅 (congrats on the sex if you aren't). Lets just hope you don't die☺️. (Not my picture)

Sebastian prowls throughout the streets of London, searching for perfection among the commoners. At this point, though, he's just about given up on that. Anyone worth salvaging from a place destitute of class is alright now. He has seen some promising (HC) ladies, of course, but nothing good enough for his standards. Women with any beauty in the gutter are usually prostitutes, and though Sebastian thinks nothing less of deflowered women, according to him: prostitutes lack the prestige and etiquette required to be a Phantomhive servant. A virgin. She needs to be a (HC) haired virgin.

He holds his umbrella firmly in his grip to battle off the rain as he trudges toward the worst slum in England. Anyone of noble association, like himself, knows better than to even go near the run down and crime infested street. Most rich men would die, and all servants would soon be slaughtered upon entrance. But...

Sebastian is no ordinary servant, is he?

He walks through the rat infested street. Blood splatters, sickness, and poverty surround him. Mumbles from the peasants around the butler show pure hatred. Sebastian continues to search, nonetheless. The rain has stopped.
"Mum?" you ask. You don't even know why you bother with this anymore. You lost your parents many years ago. You were only a small girl, then. One day, they just vanished. You've searched for them ever since. You aren't pretty enough to make it in prostitution. You are not fed well, so you are too feeble to do manual labor. Your accent resembles that of the wealthy but you are too poor to even have a home. You are brilliant, though. You know words even scholars have problems with. And yet, here you are, walking around the slum looking for your long lost father and mother like an idiot. You don't even have a last name to look for them by.

"I'm not your bloody mum you...."the woman then uses a string of curse words you find rather distasteful. She staggers away, along with her white cat. Such a gorgeous cat does not belong in a place like this You think. You idly stand there, as if in a trance. You become lost in thought quite often these days. Must be the fact that you feel you have nothing to live for.

Sebastian's P.O.V.

I look to my left and see a beautiful cat. A white cat in such a wretched place, accompanied by a wretched woman. She's obviously not right to be a servant, either. But that cat is beautiful. I walk up to the feline, ignoring the putrid smell of the old hag next to it.

"My, my, what lovely fur," I need this cat in my life. I have decided to keep it. I lie to the old woman "ah, beauty to match its stunning owner. Please, if I may, could I..."

"YES YES TAKE IT. HE'S ALL YOURS" the banshee shrieks, clearly in love. She shoves the cat in my arms and scampers away in a flurry of embarrassment and whimsical fantasy.

Well that was rather quick. And loud, I think, amazed by the idiocy at play in that woman's mind.

I take the cat and turn on my heel to face beauty of a different kind. She has the (HC) hair I was looking for. She looks as if she's deep in thought, so she has the intellect required. She's drenched from the rain, but she has a simplistic charm nonetheless. I approach her, expecting a pungent odor and yet...she smells of lavender. A sweet, relaxing, aroma. Her hair is such a gorgeous shade, and her eyes are (EC) jewels. How very curious. She isn't beautiful, but I'm entranced. She looks up at my gaze. Such magnificent lips. "Are you a virgin?" I blurt. I immediately cup my hand over my mouth. What the bloody hell was that you imbecile??? What happened to your charm. Impeccable elegance. Finesse. Don't bring your reputation to this!

"Well hello to you, too, your highness," she responds with a sarcastic bow. Such sass! Her voice is so silky for a commoner. She sounds refined, despite her wet rags and ragged appearance.

"No, my dear, I am simply one hell of a butler. Nothing more." I reply. Attempting to regain my reputation and posture, I add ,"how rude of me. Please forget that I uttered such filthy words toward you." I look at her wet rags she considers clothes. "Please, Madam, take my umbrella as a humble apology. This way, you won't be caught in a downpour again."Excellently done.

"I am a virgin, you weirdo," she snorts. Somehow she makes it cute. "I must say, a suavely dressed man such as yourself probably shouldn't be here. You may be handsome, sir, but that can get you killed in a place like this. As for your umbrella, such off handed presents are not the way to apologize to me. Just your apology alone is plenty." Such a sweet girl. How incredibly alluring. It will be fun to see Ciel's reaction. My little robin, I choose you to be the brat's teacher.

"Miss, how would you like to live in the Phantomhive mansion as a tutor?" I ask. If she says no, I could always force her. It's not hard to persuade those around me. It never has been. She would be worth it. I can tell.

"Oh! Sir are you sure? To work for Earl Ciel Phantomhive is like working for the queen herself!" She is practically shaking at my request.

"My dear, you are perfect for this position. I can tell. So, in return, simply tell me your name and I will take it as an acceptance to my offer."

"My name is (YN), and it will be a pleasure to work with you." She smiles at me.

(YN). (YN). (YN). Befitting for such a woman. Soon you shall see, my little robin, just how pleasurable I can be.



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