chapter 8 Uncle Toby

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Amira couldn't believe it, she was flying to frigging Japan, the craziest place possible right now, a 12 hour journey there and 12 hour journey back, and then the jag let would hit her, she could do ten hours but not 24, two days before the wedding, she may not be happy about it but this was a ticket, a golden key, she needed the answers, besides she still had to look pretty on her day, she was the bride after all.

She couldn't believe how blindly she had behaved for the past 2 years, even before her mum had left she should have known before it builded up to the argument on that day, when her parents argued over a matter, it was temporary, so no way could it be that her mum left because of that argument, and the fact that she didn't stay in contact at the least, it was all planned and she didn't care about the turmoil she left behind.

She walked right to the back, to the aisle that Javed and that annoying man Adam was sitting, taking a peek she saw both their eyes closed, and Javed was in Adam's lap hugging him closely whilst he slept, Amira's heart warmed at the sight, whilst Adam looked like a dangerous man, that definitely scared her, his behaviour to her nephew left her in no doubt, she could leave him with Adam for now whilst she went to retrieve her laptop that she had bought with her on to the plane, despite the warning glances her dad had given her, just as well, she would just depress herself staring at her dad's face, she then walked to business class.

Walking towards business class, Amira knew there was no spare seats but hopefully, if the working area near the back was empty, then she could take it, or share the area with someone. Hope filled Amira when she saw a lady just vacant the area, she rushed towards it and quickly plopped down, unzipping the bag, to start the laptop.

Amira had barely signed into her email account when the hostess walked towards her she began panicking but breathed a sigh of relief when all the lady did was ask if she wanted anything Amira, of course couldn't help but notice the confusion that flashed in her eye as she walked away she opened up the email from Cole, the one he had sent to her earlier on, as angry as she was at him for keeping things from her, especially about the money issue she was grateful that he had atleast not kept the flight info from her.

Since Amira was closer in age to Cole then the rest of them they got along the most. But when it came to his girl, he knew she would do anything for Sam,something definitely was up but that was just stating the obvious. 

Damn! She looked at all the entries, Cole had been busy for sure. Goodness some of these were from way back, she had a list of flights from the day he started working. She had to filter through them, first the ones her mum went through then her dad she would then see if there was a connection then she would have to check Hannah's and Danyal's.

"Miss, I'm really sorry but can I ask are you in business class?" 

"No am afraid not, there's been a mistake, but if you talk to the captain..."

"Im sorry miss then your going to have to go back to your seat, unless your related to the captain, which I doubt, you can't be here let alone first class."

Annoyed by her stuck up behaviour she turned away from the hostess, and quickly started downloading the email's, so she could read them from her own seat without needing the Internet.

"Excuse me!" 

Amira inwardly laughed, she could tell the woman didn't like not being listened to, but maybe if she had used a respectable manner in talking to her then she would give an explanation, but now the woman was far from deserving an explanation, she decided she would use some of her position to let the woman know what it felt like being talked down to by someone of position or authority, Amira normally hated doing that but today she could kill someone and not care, she felt like ripping her hair out, and that would be a funny sight wouldn't it she could just imagine the headlines 'multi-billionaire marries baldy.'

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