What A Beautiful Wedding

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Today was the day of the wedding,the day Ryan thought it would be him walking down the aisle marring Brendon,but he was sadly mistaken.

Ryan woke up that morning with his eyes blood shot from crying all night,for the most part Ryan thought he would just get over the fact Brendon was marring some girl,but it wasn't like that ,it was still painful,and was getting more painful every second.

Ryan checked his phone and saw a new message from an unknown number,but soon figured out it was Brendon by the directions to get to the wedding.Ryan sighed as just texted back a simple 'okay' and headed down stairs.

 It was now 1'oclock with two hours till the wedding and Ryan was now sitting in the living room with the glass of milk in his grip tightly thinking of all the memories  that would soon fade away at 3pm.

But maybe it was for the best,Ryan assumed since he knew he could never have his love with Brendon public,maybe it was a chance for him to forget about him and move on,but Ryan couldn't ditch his best friend on his wedding day marrying the love of his life he had to be there to support him.

Ryan set his warm glass of milk down and headed up stairs to find a nice yet etiquette outfit to wear,and maybe even make Sarah jealous  since Brendon probably spoke about all of his past relationships.

The boy quickly found a grey,black,and white tux.It was good enough for the wedding I mean the boy didn't know the theme or anything he only knew that Brendon was marring some one else that wasn't him.

Once the whole getting ready process was over with Ryan quickly started to put his waterproof guy liner on since he would no doubt break down seeing his old lover be pronounced husband to some one else.

He arrived at the glamorous outdoor venue seeing that no one was out there but a few people he didn't know,so the boy went into the white house a couple minutes away from the venue hoping he would find Brendon or maybe even Spencer getting ready.

In stead of finding that he found something unpleasant something he couldn't let Brendon have,Ryan found a woman in a white wedding dress kissing another guy that happened to be quite similar to Brendon but wasn't. The two lovers faced the boy in guy liner  "uh it's not what it looks  like" the guy said as the Brendon's future wife,Sarah nodded along.Ryan froze disgusted of how that woman was making out with the best man Dallon,Ryan's replacement.

 Before the boy could confront  the two of  them he rushed out of the place,this was going to be a fantastic wedding with the way it was set up but was ruined because of Sarah being a poor whore,and the boy couldn't let that slide,the boy couldn't let the love of his life marry some slut he had to do something about it,and something quick.

It was now 3'oclock and Brendon was waiting patiently on his so called love of his life to come walking down the aisle.But there was also no sign of Ryan,which he felt like would happen.It was a shame because all Brendon really wanted was for Ryan to see him happy,and he was happy with Sarah and he needed Ryan to be there for every second of it.

The bride was now walking down the aisle aside with her father smiling at everyone.Brendon was shaking in a few moments this girl in the white lace wedding dress would be his forever.Once Sarah arrived to side the two made the deepest eye contact and the ceremony started,here goes everything Brendon has ever wanted except Ryan.

"Now do we have any objections?"the priest asked looking around the venue until the boy with guy liner began walking down the aisle."I do" the boy called as everyone gasp and Brendon on the other was with raged that he could waltz in here like that,and Sarah was shaking nervous out of her mind that  Ryan might give away her and Dallon's dirty little secret.

"Well for starters this is a beautiful wedding it's a shame she has to be a whore"Ryan exclaimed causing everyone to gasp once again except for Sarah and Dallon of course."Ryan just go I get it your jealous that I found the the love of my life,but what your saying isn't going to make me say I don't"Brendon stated not wanting to listen to Ryan,now was not the place and time.

Ryan just laughed "I'm sorry but your fiance  is a god damn whore" he stated still laughing a little "I mean just ask Dallon"the boy added as Dallon started to get nervous knowing Ryan knew the truth."This man knows nothing,Brendon what did you say about him that one time?Oh yeah it was that he was a gay little boy that likes to shove milk up his ass"Dallon snapped as Ryan felt hurt why would Brendon say such a thing about him?

"Ryan just go"Brendon yelled as Ryan could feel tears running down his cheek,Ryan started to walk away keeping his head down until some one stopped him."Wait"the familiar voice of Spencer called out causing everyone to stop in their tracks."Ryan is right  Sarah and Dallon are a thing,I've seen it"he confessed as Brendon gave him a confused look,how could both of his best friends call his future spouse a whore?

"Sarah is this true"Brendon asked concerned yet some what harsh as Sarah just stood there nodding chocking on her tears."How?"Brendon asked Sarah then turned to Dallon "I thought we were friends then you get with my fiance?"Brendon snapped at Dallon as Dallon thought of something good to say.

"I can't believe it,I can't you would cheat on me with Dallon"Brendon shouted raising his voice even more causing Sarah to burst into tears mumbling 'I'm sorry' "Sorry doesn't cut"Brendon snapped "Ryan I'm sorry,I'm sorry for everything,I can't believe I  left you,the love of my life for some whore"he added walking to his ex-lover with open arms. "it's okay"Ryan mumble with so many emotions going threw his tense body."It's not okay Ryan,it's not,and I don't know if your going to hate me after this or not,but if you do I want you to know I love you and I always have and I'm sorry for everything"The younger boy rambled bringing Ryan into a hug."I love you too"Ryan whispered back as they both stayed in each others arms which felt like hours.

The two boys where still at the venue sitting down on the side walk drinking some Capri sun,Brendon's favorite next to milk talking about everything that went down and further more."I'm sorry I told Dallon about you,me and the milk"Brendon apologized smiling a little "its fine"the other boy said also adding a smile."You know what Ryan I have some milk if you wanted to,uh"Brendon stumbled looking for the right words. as Ryan just smirked "sure" he said "but this time you'll be kneeling in the bathtub" The older boy adding knowing he wouldn't have to bee going threw the pain this time."okay"Brendon said giving Ryan a hopeful smile,and within a few seconds the two boys shared a kiss,something the both of them missed.It felt just like old times,Ryan was glad to have Brendon back.

Brendon was kneeling in the bathtub,a towel under his knees and another under his hands...

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