I'm Doing A Tag Thing

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Yurie here and Mchphglove tagged me to do this. So here I am 😁

13 Facts About Yourself
Tag 13 People

Now to the facts! o(^▽^)o

Fact 1: I have nerve damage in my right foot so I don't feel pain in it. THATS RIGHT LEGOS AIN'T GETTIN ME!!!

Fact 2: I am half Korean (The good Korean) and half white.

Fact 3: I have OCD.

Fact 4: I am a huge Pokemon fan, I just love the franchise so much.

Fact 5: I am of the female gender.

Fact 6: I am 5' 7" and only just recently turned 14.

Fact 7: I have social anxiety, well just anxiety in general, it can get so bad I get panic attacks. (No worries I'm okay though!)

Fact 8: Majority of my friends irl are boys.

Fact 9: I one time argued with a kid. He said I was Chinese and thought that he was 100% absolutely correct. I called him an idiot and walked off.

Fact 10: I am a big introvert.

Fact 11: I've nearly gotten hit by a car on multiple occasions in the same general location.

Fact 12: I'm still somehow innocent to sexualized humor but have a very dark sense of humor.

Fact 13: My hips are double jointed so I can pop my leg out of its socket where it's connected to my hip.

RANDOM 14 FACT: My OC's full name is Yurie Zoralean Avelon so her initials are Y.Z.A

So yeah 13 random facts about me.
Hope you liked!

Now for the people I nominate!

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


And that's it!
I hope you enjoy, have a wonderful day, and Stay Awesome!

Yurie Out!

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