The Milk Aisle

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Ryan awoke From his slumber and noticed the half empty glass of now cold milk sitting beside him only inches apart from where he was and the dresser.

Ever since Cape Town the day he'd left his love behind,the only thing he had to remember him by was milk and all of the nights the spent together kneeling in the bathtub.

As of now all the memories filled his body as he were starring into the white creamy substance,but some how Ryan managed to shake it off and get out of his empty bed he once used to share with Brendon.

The boy grabbed the cold probably spoiled by now milk and headed down stairs.Once he arrived to the kitchen Ryan poured the milk down the sink watching the remains spin around in the drain.While that was going on thoughts peered threw the boys brain 'Why is Brendon acting like we never happened,was I a mistake to him? Does he regret me?'

Once that was all down,he felt as if needed something...he needed some milk even though it would remind him of the endless nights with Brendon,but it was the only thing that could help him.

Ryan rummaged threw the fridge searching for the almost empty gallon of milk,but to his luck it was empty and he knew he would have to make a run to the store.Ryan quickly headed back up-stairs to find an outfit for the day,even though he had no one to impress but himself.

"We better get there before the crowd"Ryan muttered to himself as he turned the doorknob letting him free of his home.For the most part Ryan could have any one he wanted,but he chose to be alone,because the only person he ever wanted was Brendon,and supposedly his man was already off the market which made him more depressed than he needed to be.

Ryan turned his car on and started his short journey to the local  grocery store.

With a net worth of three million dollars he could buy what ever he wanted at the grocery store,but Ryan was there for one thing only,milk,and only milk.

He arrived to the medium sized grocery store where you could find almost any product,but that  was beside the point.Ryan entered threw the automatic doors and searched for a cart so he wouldn't have to carry a milk jug around the whole store.

With him being dressed so casual anyone could go up to him and ask him why he quit Panic!,and if Ryden was real but so far no one even laid an eye on him,it was like no one cared about him.

The boy reached his detestation and looked for his brand a milk and before he could slide the door open some else did.Ryan looked up to a familiar face that he hasn't in ages.

"Ryan?"The younger boy,Brendon exclaimed with wonder filled in his eyes as Ryan stood still as his once love was standing before him."Brendon?"He stuttered shocked at the sight."Well what are you doing here any ways,I would have never have guessed I'd find you here,well maybe a little"the other boy chuckled as Ryan on the other hand was just in a daze.

"Just coming to get milk"he briefly explained going ahead and grabbing the milk that he need "still buying the same kind,huh"Brendon smiled,but Brendon was different a good kind of different.His hair was now short and you could really see his huge forehead,his clothes were nice and not something you would find at a thrift store,like we used to buy.But For Ryan he was still the same Ryan.He even went back to the Ryhawk and guy liner,some people just never change. 

"So how are things?"Ryan spoke out knowing that this was really happening "Things are going great man,I almost forgot to tell you man tomorrow is Sarah and I's wedding"Brendon bragged as if he were proud of it,but for Ryan it was just a big disappointment.

"You should come"the boy added as Ryan started to get a sick feeling,a feeling as if milk were inside of him"Uh I don't think so"he stated not wanting to see the love of his life  being taken right before him.

"Aw come on man,you're my best friend I want you to be there for my big day"best friend  had he clearly forgot that we were more than that? "Hows Jon?I haven't talk to him in forever"Brendon added getting off subject like normal probably not taking his ADHD pills.

"We don't talk any more"he stated,knowing that him and Jon had also lost contact after the young veins tour."Aw that's a shame,but I want you at my wedding 3pm sharp,you still have the same phone number right?" He nodded knowing he probably wouldn't even try to go .

"Don't worry there will be milk,I know how much you love that stuff!"Brendon smirked which happened to lighten Ryan's mood "yeah maybe this time you'll be kneeling in the bathtub" Ryan smiled feeling like it was still 2006.

"What?No!"Brendon snapped as if a demon had over taken him "no Ryan I'm not about that,tomorrow I'm marrying the of my life,the past is gone Ryan"he stated grabbing a gallon of milk and headed away from Ryan.'What about me Brendon was I not the love of your life?' Ryan thought.

Ryan slowly exited to store feeling worse than ever.A feeling much worse than the way his father would beat him every night.But it was no match of the feeling to have the love of your life be with some one else.

But it was no match of the feeling to have the love of your life be with some one else

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