chapter one

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You may be wondering who Alex the heart slayer is right? Or why he chose that name let me tell you he is zalgo's son untouched by the harsh war between zalgo and slender man. He is a small emo male his mother human died when he was 14 as a kid he was not treated well he was raped on multiple occasions and ended up at slender Manor....

A young boy age 14 wakes up the the cries and screames of his mother he rushed to her side. The woman the mother of this child was dying she looks up at her son and smiles "Alex listen to me you are loved and your father his name is zalgo" his mother says Alex cries his tears hitting her face "mother please don't die" he begs his mother smiles warmly "I love u so much" she says Alex sobs become harsher "I love you mother" he says walking away he hums fallen angle ((song above)) he laughs to him self slightly going insane he grabs a knife and waits for his mom to die before cutting her up and eating her heart he chuckles at the taste and walks out of his house the largest smiling as he goes to the forest and waits he then snapped back to sanity and cries at what he had done he ate him own mothers heart why? He did not understand why.

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