Chapter 1 - The Letters

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"Ms. Lee," She looked up at the teacher. "Did you forget to pick your group?"

She nodded, slightly afraid for what group She was about to be assigned to.

"Well you are in luck. Mr. Wolf and Mr. Jones have also forgotten to plan their group. You three can work together." She turned to the board, not even waiting for the three to move together.

Two boys walked up to her. One had blonde hair and blue eyes while the other had black hair and brown eyes so dark they almost looked black.

"I'm Julian Wolf." The blonde guy took the seat to her left. He was frowning and looked like he had just been forced to eat a worm.

"Don't pay attention to Wolf, he's always that grumpy. I'm Liam James, but I actually go by Scott."

"Scott," She nodded, feeling confused. "That has absolutely nothing to do with your name, why would you go by it?"

Julian scoffed beside her as Scott took his seat.

Scott shrugged. "I've always been told that I look like a Scott and since I've had enough of girls asking me if I'm secretly in a band I decided to go by Scott. It’s a better name than my middle name."

Julian scoffed again. "Yeah, any name is better than Barrington."

Her eyes widened in surprise. "Your middle name is Barrington?"

His cheeks tinted pink and he looked to the front of the room. "My parents liked the name."

She tried to hide her smile at seeing him blush. “Okay, so the middle name is a touchy subject. We won’t go there again, unless you bring it up. In that case I have every right to talk about it.” His left eyebrow rose, but he didn’t say anything. “By the way, I’m Ashley Lee. My parents thought it was cool to say ‘Lee’ twice. Anyways, we don’t really have that much time to get our projects done. Where do we want to meet up?”

The two boys looked at each other before looking at her. “How about your house?” They both asked at the same time.

“Well, um, okay. I guess that sounds good.” She thought it was strange how they both instantly wanted to go to her house, but she brushed it aside as the teacher called for everyone’s attention.

“Okay students, this project is going to be on the Greek Gods. I won’t assign certain Gods to anyone unless you need me to. Please, you are seniors now; I hope you can choose your own God to talk about.” A few chuckles went through the room before it went silent.

“We’ll be fine picking our own.” Ashley looked to her left, surprised that Julian had been the student to speak up.

Mrs. Howard smiled at Julian in a sort of loving way that surprised Ashley. “Thank you Julian. I’m really glad to hear that.

A few of the other kids called out their agreement with Julian, but she just waved her hand and turned back to the board.

The class went on with her talking about something Ashley didn’t even remember until she stopped and decided to give the class five minutes to make arrangements for their projects.

"Okay, so now that we have our assignment we need to figure out when we're going to do it. It’s due next Wednesday, so how about we meet up this Wednesday, Friday, and then again next Monday."

Scott shook his head. "How about we just get it done in the next three days? And then when Friday rolls around you can go to a party with us in celebration."

So these were the partying type.

"Sorry, I don't really go to parties. It’s just not my thing. But I don't mind if we get it done before Friday. I don't want to keep you guys from your plans."

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