Alpha vs. Alpha

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After I burned off the last of my alcohol, with the help of a certain Alpha, I was super hungry. I kissed Trevor out of his light, exhausted slumber and told him, “I’m hungry so I’m going to the kitchen for some grub.” Just as I finished that sentence my stomach rumbled In agreement.

Chuckling Trevor said, “Sounds good, bring something back for me.”

“There is a party going on downstairs, thrown by you, for me. We can’t just stay up here all night!” I laughed slapping his arm playfully.

“Why not?” he grumbled but seeing my raised eye brow gave in, “Alright, you go ahead. I’m gonna grab a new shirt because the other one smells like that skank.”

As soon as he said that a flash of anger hit me. He kissed me on the nose, “No babe, let’s just forget about it. I don’t want our night to be ruined with thoughts of her, okay?”

He was right. I made my point when I set her straight. The rest of the night was for our friends and pack. I had a lot more people to meet. With that thought I gave Trevor one last kiss and headed to the kitchen, but as soon as I got through the door I froze at the sight before me.


Austin and Megan.

Austin and Megan kissing.

I wanted to scream in excitement, but refrained before I startled them. I stood there stunned. They were so wrapped up in each other that they didn’t even notice I was there. I wanted to ask how this happened, was this random or was it something more? Then I realized where they were standing and my next question was, how am I going to get some food with them blocking the refrigerator?

I was really hungry but I didn’t want to stop them. Then I remembered the table we had set up out back with some appetizers, yeah it was just crackers, veggies, and some sausages, but that should hold me over for now. 

I quietly made my way to the kitchen door that lead to the back porch. Opening the door as quiet as possible, I tip toed out, breathing a happy sigh of relief as I made it unnoticed. The relief vanished when I saw I wasn’t alone out here.

“Harmony, I’ve been looking for you all night. I smell you’ve been busy.” Aiden said with a hardness to his voice.

“What concern is it of yours, Aiden? Haven’t we been through this once already today? I know you and my sister ended your relationship so I don’t understand why you’re here.” I said in irritation. All I wanted to do was get something to eat, I didn’t have the time or patience for this. I started to go around him to get to the food waiting for me just around the corner, when he grabbed me by my arm and held me at his side. “Let go, Aiden!” I ordered through gritted teeth.

“I need to talk to you Harmony. I want you to come back to California with me and take your place by my side as Alpha Female. I want to mark you as mine and rid you of that mutts scent.” He said while looking me in the eyes with so much determination it scared me.

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