He's Not Into Me.

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"What the hell was that?" Vance starts grilling me as soon as we pull out of the garage's lot

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"What the hell was that?" Vance starts grilling me as soon as we pull out of the garage's lot.

I can't help but roll my eyes, "What the hell was what?"

"You and Chase, what the hell you driving his car for?"

"He asked, I think he was trying to cheer me up with my car being down."

"He didn't try anything, did he?"

I look at him at like he's the one who lost his mind now, and laugh. He doesn't say anything, "You're serious?"

"Fuck yeah, I'm serious."

"No Vance, he didn't try anything."

"He better fucking not, I'll fucking kill him."

"Vance,he's your best friend. We've known him forever. I can tell you, he thinks of me as a little sister, in fact, he told me he's into someone."

"He told you that? Who the fuck is he into? He cannot be serious about that chick he hooked up with last week."

Whoa.All that crap he was talking in the car makes sense now. He's seein' this girl, and anything that may have come off as flirting was just the opposite. He was making it clear tonight that he's into this girl. Ugh. I knew he wasn't into me! How could he be! But why the hell did he touch me like that, that wasn't nothing. I'm getting some serious whiplash on Chase's words and actions.

"That dog." Vance's whole demeanor has changed now that he knows Chase wasn't trying to put the moves on me. He's visibly relaxed, and has dropped the whole subject. He leans forward and turns up his music.The car now engulfed in some techno crap, I can barely hear myself think. This is going to suck, I don't want to see Chase with this girl. Dammit, I should've just told Vance to take me home. Maybe I'll find a ride home with someone who's bouncing out early. I have to getup for work in the morning anyways, I need to get a start on finding out what the hell happened to my car. I wonder if I can get Vin to goin early, he shouldn't be out too late, because he has to be up too.

I pull out my phone and send him a text. He responds quickly, which surprises me. It's one word. 'Maybe.'


Vance slows as we come to the entrance, his car bouncing because of the dirt road, until he finds a place to park. I open my door, but don't get out right away. Vance slams his door, "Let's go V, I need to lock it." I stand up and close my door so he can do that. It beeps,and I walk around, leaning against the back to wait for Taylor. Chase is lingering until Vance calls him over, where they wonder off. Taylor's smile is taking over her whole face, she's bursting at the seams, she bounces and waggles her eyebrows at me. I shake my head,and her smile falls. Taylor hangs behind with me, Jeremy looks back at her, "I'm gonna girl talk with V, I'll be up there in a minute."He just nods, him and Vaughn keep walking.

"What happened?" She asks.

"We were so far off Tay." I tell her.

"What? Off about what?"

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