Hey bby gurl Jacob says winking at me😏😏
Hi Jacob daddy I say
Can u sleep in my bed?!?? Jacob asks
Jacob kisses me!!! Omg Senpai Jacob!!! I say Senpai because I am .68% Japanese
Jacob and I go to bed together he has v nice body dang Jacob u r 10/10
Jacob nuzzelez me I nuzzelez back wow Jacob ily my Senpai bae
Then he hit me!!! Jacob is very moody!!!
Oh my god Jacob why I thought u lived me
He said I do but I like hitting u
I get out of bed beczuse jacob is v mean wtf and play Pokemon go!!! I get another Rat wow!!! I love the purple rats they r my fave and so cute!!!!
I walk outside naked playing it because clothes r overrated #yolo
Then I see Donald trump walking by!!!
Omg u r hot Donald says
Sorry this body is for Jacob only loser
I walk back to my house!!!! And go to sleep that Donald trump encounter made me realize that I only love Jacob

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