Chapter 1

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It all started with just an ordinary day. Well as ordinary you can get when you're a member of the Assassination Classroom. They had already tried to kill Koro Sensei earlier that day as a group so the class was just waiting to see if anyone tried any single attempts. Those were always fun to watch.

Sure enough someone did try but no one ever would have guessed this person. Sure maybe Nagisa or Karma or even Terasaka! But never Okuda. Sure enough though she walked up to Koro Sensei's desk holding a paper. But all the students could see that she was hiding a vial of purple liquid behind it.

Koro Sensei smiled at her reassuringly "Yes Okuda? Got an assassination for me?" she nodded. He smiled again "Go right ahead!" she nodded and threw the vial down onto the floor. As soon as the glass broke a purple smoke filled the air.

Everyone got out of their seats and started coughing. Once the fog cleared everyone looked to see what had happened to Koro Sensei. Unfortunately just as usual he stood at his desk with a wide grin. "Very good Okuda!" she looked down disappointed. "If my skin didn't have its own immune system that very well might have made me... well... actually what was it supposed to do?" he asked embarrassed.

She sighed "I called it the changing elixir. It was supposed to change anything that was disguised as something into what it was disguised. I was hoping it would turn you into an Octopus then I could kill you."

"Ah..." Koro Sensei nodded "That sounded like an excellent plan. Well better luck next time! Alright class let's get back to the lesson." Everyone sat back down in their seats. Koro Sensei was about to start teaching again when he saw someone was still standing. "Nagisa do you have an assassination attempt too?"

Everyone just looked at Nagisa as he held his head in pain. He then suddenly collapsed to the floor. The last thing he saw was everyone running to help him before he passed out from a sharp pain in his chest.

(A/N - Hey guys! :) I have become obsessed with this anime so I thought I'd right this! :) Sorry this chapter is kind of short don't worry it'll get better! Just so you know I update every weekend. See you next time! :) Bye!)

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