Introduction & Rules

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Thank you for taking an interest in the world of Injection! We here at Nanomyte Studios are happy to assist you in learning the ins-and-outs of the lore. In order for you to add to our ever-expanding story, you need to understand the ground rules that dictate Injection's universe:


The whole world is tormented by consistent, severe weather. Remember that there are only small safe zones between pockets of civilization.

Don't kill off major characters.

Within the regions that already have dedicated factions, do not create a major government/faction in the same place.

Only D.E.I.T.Y.s use injections.

There is a limit of 10 injections before a D.E.I.T.Y. feels any negative side-effects from the dosage. Any more can lead to an overdose, ending in a potential death.

Each of the three main factions has a specific form of warfare. Syntech utilizes D.E.I.T.Y.s with Injection powers, the Neo-Human Coalition have cybernetic enhancements, the MALMAL splice their own genes with animals.

There are no D.E.I.T.Y.s defectors outside of the main story. The Defector is the only character who has broken away from Syntech.

D.E.I.T.Y.s almost always use melee weapons, or at the very least, base their weapons off the more primitive designs from the old world.

Greyed-out areas on the official Injection map (See: Factions) are free-zones for story exploration.

Character specific injections are only usable by those characters.

You cannot change/alter the established character's histories.

The world before the Cataclysm is told through legends and uncovered by scavenging. It is not common knowledge to know how it functioned.

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