Chapter 1

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The alarm rang. My cell phone showed that it was 6:00 am. I was still feeling sleepy. Last night, I slept at 3:00 am. But I had no other option but to wake up and go to my college. So I got up from my bed, went to the bathroom and got ready for my college.
Oops, I should first tell you who I am. Hi friends, I am Alicia Hinder. I am in my second year of college. I just have one friend i.e. my own self as I am not popular in my college. People call me by my surname, well, if ever they call me to talk to me. Never mind. I like studying and reading books. I think that's all I can tell you about myself.
So, I went to my college and sat on my regular seat, first bench, second row. The people as usual ignored me. The whole room was filled with noises of people talking and laughing. I sat alone on my desk. The lecturer came in and the lecture began.

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