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Ethan's pov

"how was your date master king?" my butler asked as i walked into the house

"just don't ask questions, thats not what I'm paying you for" i snapped

"Right then master King... is there anything I can do " he asked, I turned to look at the old man before I answered him.

"Call the police... tell them I have information on Daniel brown " and with that I walked up stories to my room where everyone was.

As I walked in all heads turned towards me I glared at all of them I wasn't in the mood all I knew was that I had to find lily.

"where her bag," Mia asked "and here phone" I chucked her bag and phone on the table and leant on the wall by the door. I felt nina eyes on me I never looked towards her just stared at Lily stuff.

"theres no point looking I've already tried looking for clue's" i said she looked at me glaring

"NO POINT!" she shouted slightly "my best friend has been kidnapped by her crazy Ex... and it's all your fault!" she hosted at me again, i raised my eyebrow at her last statement

"mu fault?" i asked moving away from the wall

"YES YOUR FAULT" she said stepping closer me she was angry you could tell but i don't have time to have a petty little argument

"Mia... don't"Riley tried to talk to her but she shrugged him off.

"don't, Mia me.... if he didn't kiss her" she pointed towards Nina " then she would have been so upset and off guard then he would have took her... and if YOU stood up for her last night then she wouldn't have done that stupid assed plan" she shouted at me she was so angry and everything she said made sense i have brought so much pain into her life ever since i bumped into her, yeah you heard right i bumped into her.

"theres no need to bring me into this" Nina pushed in

"NO NEED TO BRING YOU IN! YOU KISSED HIM AND YOU KNEW HE WAS WITH LILY WHO DESPITED HER BEST INSTINCTS TRUSTED YOU" Mia shouted at nina and she was right lily didn't trust her but did anyway.

"ENOUGH!" charlie shouted we all looked to him he was on the phone "what do you want with her... i'm calling in Mia's favour" we all looked to him then Mia sucked in a breath and climbed over the sofa

"give me the phone Charlie !" she nearly got their but he ran to the opposite side of the room

"what is he doing" nina asked

" he's calling Daniel... to make a deal"

"Thats the last thing lily would want" Riley said we all ran over to him but I stopped them.

i went over the charlie and grabbed the phone from him "what do you want dangle" i said with anger

"Well, well well do you here that lily it's your cheating boyfriend" I listens down the phone trying to figure out where they were but all I heard was husky breathing and every now and then I would her a sob, it took everything in me not to break Charlie's phone.

"lily" i whispered down the phone, then i heard another sob

"Ethan?" i heard her whisper but it was broken and strained

"Aw how cute to see your talking... to bad this will probably the last conversation" I heard Daniel's voice.

"DON'T YOU DARE" I heard her shout I then heard a gasp.

"Shut up bitch" Daniel said.

"Let her go... or I swear to god" I spoke to him dangoursly, I turned around to everyone to see that they were watching me apart from Riley who had his laptop out, I walked over to see he was tracking the phone call. He was kinda of a tock genus but didn't want to admit it.

"or you will do what find me, kill me?... we both know that you cant kill another person like last time... it will break you"

"well i promise you i will take pleasure in ripping you to pieces "i then hear a scream

"Please stop! Please" I heard Lily cry and it made angry and scared I looked towards Mia who looked shocked and afraid.

"I suggest you listen to you're weeping girlfriend" he said it was silent for a while while I heard her cry.

"you want to kill me you'll have to watch her die too.besides you had something that belongs to me . you didn't Bring one of you are leaving in a body bag." i heard lily scream and it took everything in me not to call for her i felt my tears come down my checks

"Anyway I better go my bride is waiting for me' and with that the phone went dead.

"did you get the location"i asked, Riley nodded

"if lily marry him" Riley started to talk

"then she cant testify against her husband when the police find him" Charlie finished

"so we get her before it happens" Nina said we all looked at her in shock

"but we need back up " Mia added

"We don't need back u just a good plan..." I stared at the screen the hole time, knowing lily was stuck there scared me and when she was sobbing and crying I couldn't help but feel it was my fault. I'm coming for you lily i promised you we would make it out and i never let go of a promise

"but with a well thought out plan, it could turn into murder " Nina said looking directly at us

"Then thats I price I'm willing to pay, this time" I said strongly.

Lily's Pov

"He will find you" I said out of breath, I looked up through my lashes at Daniel he had just got off the phone with Ethan and I have never seen him look this crazy.

"Oh Darling" he came closer to me lifting my chin so my eyes where level with his, his eyes heard no love more compassion no emotion at all really, he just looked insane.

"I'm counting on it, after all you're his Jane and Tarzan will always come for jane" I looked into his eyes and then I saw it I moved out of his grip.

" you promised " i said quietly

"well he just pissed me off so sorry darling but if he gets anywhere near here i have men ready to shoot" i struggled to get out of the chair i had been tied up in for god knows how long." i have a present for you" he said softly

"i don't want it" i said bitterly

"well you'll have it" he snapped back and i stopped moving, i looked at the ring on my finger that had been on there since i have come to this place. "it's a dress to match... and you'll wear it" i looked up at him to see he was holding a wedding dress, there was no doubt that the dress was beautiful, it had a hugging bodies then the skirt flew out from above the hips it was huge so much fabric theres where feather detailing all over the dress and the vail matched.

"it is beautiful isn't it?" he said bring the dress closer to me he then placed it on my lap walking around me to where my hands and feet where tied. "just like the bird who will wear it" he whispered i then felt a single tear fall down my check, he then started to undo the rope. i knew i could run if he undid them but lets face it I'm too weak after what i just went through , he would catch me. and even if i did get away he would hurt Ethan i couldn't bear it if he did, Ethan should have let me leave when he got the chance.

"So what do you say Lily Reed will you marry this... hopeless monster?" he whispered in my ear, I closed my eyes and thought about all the people I love I cant let them get hurt.


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