Chop Chop

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Ethan's pov

i watched her quickly away from me, as i did i couldn't help but let a few tears fall out. i don't know why i pulled her close to me in the car i just needed her, i wanted to show her that whatever happens i would chose her and yet she still didn't believe me. to be fare though it would have been better if i didn't tease her afterwards. but she didn't want to stop it was much as her as it was me, she missed me and yet we haven't been apart.

I walked around the car and got the gifts dangle had given to us, out of the car and walked to the police station.

after i left the police station which wasn't even ten minutes i started to drive in the direction that Lily had walked away i cant leave her walking the street i know it was apart of the plan, but if the police took those 'gift' seriously they should be out now looking for him it gives them enough clues, well it should. as i drove along the street i didn't see anything i drove towards the dance studio to check if she walked their but she wasn't , i stayed out for ages looking for her when i noticed by i near by alleyway that was close to the studio i saw her bag in the floor. i quickly parked the car and got out to pick up her stuff i saw that her phone was there as well i looked down the ally but it was too dark to see anything.

"LILY?" I shouted which echoed down the two buildings I got no reply I started to feel sick she has to be okay. As I looked down at her phone it lit up with Mia caller id.

"hello?... lily?" i heard her say down the phone

"no its Ethan" i said walking to the car

"why are you on her phone, is she their? can i talk to her?" i sighed as i closed the door to my car

"so if you're wondering where she is she isn't with you" i said placing my head on the steering wheel

"Ethan i have a bad feeling" she said slowly, i nodded

"i now same here ... meet me at my house call the guys and Nina" i said bluntly

"okay... Ethan she's going to be all right? right?" she asked like she was afraid

"Yeah... she will she's though enough" and with that I hung up as I drove I kept replying every memory since we've met she's changed she wasn't loves to much that could hurt her.

"your promise Lil okay ... you promised" i whispered to myself as i drove myself home

Lily pov

i slowly woke up my eyes felt grotty and all i wanted to do was sleep, i cuddled into the pillows more and hugged the duvet around my body. i then recall what happened i jumped out of my bed and stared at everything, everything was in its place nothing out of place almost to perfect

"Kallum?... mum, dad?" i shouted i felt like i was home but at the same time i wasn't. i went over to my bathroom to find there was cement in the room blocking me from getting out i looked around the room behind me and frowned. i then walked over to the door to open it but it was locked i shook it vigouresly but it wouldn't budge. i turned around and thats when i spotted a camera it was recording me watching .

"LET ME OUT" I screamed at the camera but the red light just blinked slightly to say it was recording.

I then started to bang on the door but it wouldn't make a difference, I just wanted to get out.

"ETHAN !!!" I shouted his name if i got caught maybe he did to. but i didn't get a reply, i moved away from the door and sat on my bed, i looked around to see for a possible way out. as i did i found none but it had been clear that he had been planing this for awhile. as i stared at my reflection in the window i heard the door unlock nobody came in but i didn't want to stay in here. i quickly got up and closed the door behind me as i got out of the room i saw there was a dark corridor that was lit with flashing lights around the floor, i flooded it with caution.

each time i took a step forward i looked back i didn't like this place and it felt cold and inhuman, then as i stepped closer a little bit more the lights went out and it was pitch black , my breathing quickens and i started to panic. i then felt someones breath on my neck i turned around quickly i then saw his hunting grey eyes i sucked in a breath he picked me up i started to kick and scream but dangle was too strong. i then heard a door slam. he put me down on a chair and started to tie my legs and arms up he then put something around my mouth to keep e quite. i kept struggling and he didn't seem happy he looked at me with rage. then i felt his cold hand across my face , he slapped me i was breathing quickly. he then grabbed ahold of my face with his hand pulling my face to his, it was so forceful it hurt, he then slammed hip lips on mine rigged but he continued to kiss me harder i let him kiss me i then bit his lip had enough that blood came out

"you bitch" he said under his breath, i smirked slightly. he looked at me with his stern eyes that my smirk was wiped of my face, he scared me his eyes where bright and wide he was stumbling a little bit, he's on drugs. when we were together i knew the signs all to well. he put his hands on my thighs firmly separating them he then stared at me for a good five minutes and as each minute passed his grip tightened. i whinged in pain he seemed to notice,and loosened his grip.

"Do you like your new rock" he whispered I looked confused at his statement he nodded to my hand where there was a different engagement ring that was twice as expensive.

"take it off me" i said with a croaky voice he laughed slightly at me

"see i cant do that, i need an ecomlis and my wife cant testify against her husband" it took me awhile to process his word then it clicked

"You knew they would find you didn't you... to begin with it was wanting me back but then you got careless and now you cant run... well I'm not marrying you you cant make me do anything" I said sourly I then felt him behind me he traced him hands down my body I wanted to slap his hands away and move out of his grip but it was no use.

"so what if Ethan i don't know took a bulit for you and the only way to save him would be to marry me" as he said ethane name i sucked in a breath "or even your brother, or Mia anyone of your little friends"

"don't"i say his hands trailed back up my body and i felt his lips on my check

"Then to stop this all you have to say is those two little words" he whispered as his lips trailed closer to mine. I then remember what Ethan said what we both said we promised we would make this out alive together but maybe the only way to get out of this is to stay alive just to survive.

"you're taking to long so I want t play a little game, he then put a table infant of me it had my friends faces on a polarise with switches.

"you have five seconds too choose between your friends, which one is worthy of living... if you don't choose anyone everyone will suffer... " he then kissed me on the for head before leaving the room "just something to think about "

"what happened to you.... you're a monster" i said with disgust

"and soon you'll be married to a monster..." he smirked" chop chop" i stared at the switches after he left i started to cry five seconds where nearly up, then a buzzer went off with the screams of all of my friends

"please... stop" i pleaded each time it happened i didn't pick anyone. "please" i whispered 

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