Chapter 40

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He stays silent as if waiting for my response and I fumble for words. He heaves a heavy sigh and looks at me, turning around.

"So you never met those guys since the day your dad found it?" I ask cautiously.

"No. Not even once. I just stopped responding to their calls and messages."

"Not even when you left Alabama?" 

"I just texted one of the guys that I didn't want to continue that life anymore. And I was somewhere scared of the response so I just deactivated that sim card and bought a new one when we came here." He answers in all honestly. I just nod.

"So how did they come to know that you're here? And I presume they also have your new number?" I shoot next.

"I really don't know. Hardly anyone other than our close friends in Alabama, knew that we shifted here to Orlando. I'm still confused too as to how they got my details." He says and I just stay silent, trying to take everything in. Minutes pass and none of us speaks. I just don't know how to approach him right now. This mater is too sensitive. I don't want to say something wrong and make him even more miserable.

"You hate me, don't you?" He asks in a whisper after minutes and I shake my head quickly.

"No Xavier, I don't. That was your past. Yes, this revelation has shocked me to the core but I trust you when you say you have changed." I say and he looks at me as if he can't believe me.

"You serious?" He asks in a dazed tone.

"As much as a heart attack." I reply truthfully. He walks to me with quick steps and kisses me, cupping my face in his hands. Sparks fly and I close my eyes, gloating in his warmth. Its a passionate kiss, as if he is pouring the relief he is feeling. My hands automatically go to his hair as I respond with the same fervor. He pulls away, leaving us both gasping for breath and leans his forehead against mine, our chests heaving up and down due to lack of oxygen.

"I love you so much." He whispers looking into my eyes and I kiss him again. A short but sweet kiss which leaves my skin tingling all over.

"I love you too Xavier. So much that I can't tell you."  I say and he closes his eyes, relishing the moment.

A phone ringing breaks our trance and I remove my phone. I see its a call from Aunt Martha.


"Hey Sam. Where are you? Its almost gonna be night. Are you having dinner out?"  She asks casually and I shake my head.

"I'm coming back in an hour Aunt Martha. We'll have dinner together."

"Okay honey. See ya." She says and I hang up. 

I look around and realize its gonna be dark soon. I then take in Xavier's face and realize for the first time the bags under his eyes and his tired face. 

"You were here the whole night, weren't you?" 

"Yeah I was. I didn't feel like going home. I wanted to meet you because you always make me feel so much better but then I knew I will have to explain you about yesterday morning. And I wasn't ready for that. So I just came here to figure things out." He says, looking down and I feel my heart clench.

"Oh my God Xavier! Did you even eat anything?" I ask him and he seems to think if he should tell me the truth or no.

"Yeah ofcour-"

"Don't lie about this." I warn him firmly and he sighs.

"I had a sandwich last evening. That's it."

"Gosh you are crazy. Come on, we need to get home and you need to rest. And eat."  I say angrily and he grins.

"Why are you smiling?" I narrow my eyes and he grins even wider.

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