I'm Taking You With Me

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Lily pov

Today was the day I can forget about everything, about Daniel and all the pain he has caused and I could forget about Nina and Ethan because once this was done they could be together and I could leave.

I was currently curling my hair slightly I then got changed into jeans and a black top I then wore my leather jacker. I feel like dressing like this I was in some spy movie and it made me smile slightly.

i gathered the wedding dress and other gifts Daniel has sent us all, as i walked down the started i saw Ethan and my brother taking in hush voices, we wanted it to seem that me and cameron would have an argument in town and i would leave him, then Ethan would take the gifts to the alice as i distracted Daniel, one thing we have learnt is that he wont miss a chance to get his hands on me. i suppose the car ride with Ethan is just a small price for this to end, it was still awkward we hadn't finished our conversation from last night and i didn't want to pick it back up. even though Daniel's word where there to hurt me they where right they were meant to be together.

I walked into the kitchen they then stopped talking I raised an eyebrow and put the stuff on the counter.

"Don't stop on my account " I said grabbing Ethan's tea and drinking it, he was used to me doing this because he maid his exactly how I make mine, but yet he still seemed shocked by the action. Then I thought about it I only did it when we were together, and we're sort of not anymore.

"sorry" i paced it back, but he didn't take it just carried on staring at me

"Are you sure about this" my brother broke the silence, and I was snapped out of Ethan's hyptmtising gaze.

"Well, its to late for me to change my mind .... So are we ready to go?" I asked Ethan he nodded and we left the house, Callum hugged me quickly then let me go.

We were silent as he drove us to a coffee shop that was buy the police station, he pulled into a near by space and turned of the engine we didn't make a move to get out we just sat uncomfterable silents. I felt his eyes on me which made me look ,he looked scared, I looked away quickly out the window trying to avoid his intense gaze.

"You cant change my mind, you know that.... And if you're trying to... then" I suddenly felt his hands around my hips he lifted me off of my chair and onto his lap, I was shocked by the action he shouldn't be doing this, even in the blacked out windows of his car, he likes Nina.

Our lips where close just lingering about each other, he looked at me with hunger and I know my eyes where the same, as much as I try to dense it. This wrong on so many levels, yes I suppose we are still together but how can we be together after everything we've been through.

"you cant just walk away from this...." he whispered i stared into his emerald green eyes and my breathing got caught in my thought " you know what i feel for you is more than another girl..." he leaned closer as he whispered, i moved away each time but it wouldn't help the car is only so big. " and after everything after all of this... i don't want to forget and ..." he was so close i felt his breath on me i closed my eyes " neither do you" he said it bluntly and that was it before i knew it i was kissing him i smashed my lips onto his with hunger and he did the same our lips moved in sink like always our tongs where tied together i didn't want to stop, i couldn't let him go as much as i have tried to convince myself i cant i need him like i need air.

he started to trail kisses down my neck and i completely forgot about the plan as he, lifted my top up a little, his hand trailed up my bare stomach and i knew were this was heading but i couldn't stop i lifted his head back up to me kissing him and as i kissed him he lowered the chair down so we were lying in the car, i was straddling him and he seemed to be to happy about it. i smirked slightly as did he, while he bit my lip trying to accuse but i didn't grant it i kissed down his body until it hit me... this wasn't right.my brain was finally functioning , i stopped and sat up right, i picked up my top which was lying on the backseat and quickly got out of the car i ran my hands through my knotty hair where Ethan had been running his hands through. i tried to level my breathing but couldn't my hear beat was racing.

"I told you" he smirked as I turned around he was standing on the other side of the car, I cant denied that he didn't look good I mean his messy hair and those haunting green eyes.

"You prick" I shouted at him, he held his hands up in surrender.

"Whys that?" he was begin cocky and this time I couldn't tell if it was apart of the plan or not . I raised an eyebrow and walked over to the opposite side of the car where he was he watched my every move with a smirk plastered on his face.

"You know why... you cant kiss another girl one day and try to have sex with me in your car... uh uh it doesn't work like that Ethan!" I shouted and with every word I shouted I took one step closer to him so we were chest to chest. Then he wrapped his hands around my waist spinning me so I was backed up against the car door.

" I've told you many time she donee mean shit to me Lily, how much do I have to show you I love you? Take a built for you?" he shouted at me he then place both of his arms on the car so I was trapped my heart beat was picking up and I didn't like it.

"no! i just want you to admit that you like that kiss with Nina" i shouted at him, he searched my eyes for awhile . "you know I'm not the jelouse type Ethan... i just cant be going backwards and forwards ... I love you so damn much but..." i sighed resting my head in my hands "don't you ever feel that if it was meant to be it would just be" i looked at him and his eyes where shining with tears

"if two people love each other they will find away to each other " he whispered just enough for me to hear it, we stared at each other for ages "its like you don't trust me?" he whispered again

"i trust you Ethan i trust you with my life ... but i cant deny that it hurt"

"And I have appoligvied many times" he argued back he stepped back and looked generally hurt I couldn't deal with this argument fake or not it was killing me. "we're never going to get passed this our we?" he asked string at me I stared back not knowing what to say I felt tears down my check once again, I looked away and he sighed in frustration.

"I just need time... to think" I said not looking at him, I then turned to the car grabbing my bag and walking away from him. I touched my lips softly it was so passionate and I knew that he was sorry but I had a feeling that if I forgave him something else would just come up it always dose.

Atleast it was an argument, it still went along with the plan and Daniel wouldn't hesitate getting his hands on me, but as I walked further and further away I had this sick feeling that, it was the last time I would see Ethan.

i kept walking down the street when i heard footprints behind me , i quickens my pace slightly,but they seemed to follow my rhythm, i turned quickly towards an alleyway i took a quick look at the person but saw none there i stood there for a few moments wondering if i was just imagining this. i turned around slowly to see Him in front of me. i quickly whipped the dry tears away

"what do you want" i said bitterly walking passed him

"I would never do what he did to you" Daniel replied I turned sharply at him anger and rage consumed me.

"YOU DID DO THAT! Get it into your head we are not getting together I would have to be mentally ill to marry you so don't think you'll be seeing that pretty little rock on my finger," I shouted his face didn't show any emotion as I said the word no anger or rage no sadness, he really has lost everything.

"I'm sorry to hear you say that Lily" he started to circle me "i'm sure you've seen the news and I know your cheating boyfriend is down with the police right now..." I sucked in a breath he knew what we were going to do "surprised? I know everything that goes on in your pretty little head...," I felt him behind me I then felt him slip something onto my finger.

It was cold and waved down my hand I was tempted to look but I didn't want to just in case.

"So if I'm going down... I'm taking you with me" I frowned in confusion I then felt a cloth over my nose and mouth I struggled to get out of it but the more I struggled the more I felt drowsy, he was drugging me. I felt my body go lip as he picked me up.

"If only you just obeyed " was his last words before I blacked out.

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