Past, to present

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8 year old Anti P.O.V

I was sitting on my normal bench. Just drawing away. Suddenly my drawing was ripped out of my hand. Dark. "HEY! GIVE THAT BACK!" I yelled jumping up and trying to grab my drawing. "Not a chance, shorty!" Dark replied, with Corupt right by his side. He then pushed me back on my bench. "Howdo idiot squad, whatcha doing today? Hmm picking on poor Anti again, get lost sickos!" I heard a voice shout. (At the time Dark and Corupt didn't exactly know what they were capable of, so they stayed away from people there same size or bigger.) Dark and Corupt ran away faster than you could say Mississippi. "I believe these are your nice drawings, correct?" I heard the same voice and looked up with tears in my eyes. I saw a girl I recognized from class. "Yeah, thanks, h-how do you know my name?" I said. She chuckled. "You must not know how to use your powers very well yet, do ya?" She asked, sitting next to me. I looked at her confused. "Who do you live with?" She asked. I sighed. "No one. Adoption center." Is all I could say in reply. "Wanna come to my house after school?" She asked. "Really?!" I asked as excitement ran threw my body. "Ya, my sister and I could show you some pointers. And also, if the idiot squad bother you again, say you'll send me after them." She said. We talked for about 15 minutes. I found out her name was Glitchiveve, or Glitch for short. Finally the day was over and I was going to her house.

"Now, I do have a 19 year old sister at home, but she's really nice, her name is Becky." She said. We finished our walk to her house. She opened the door and almost immediately was thrown back out it by, what I at first only saw a blur of orange. "EVIE! HOW WAS SCHOOL?" The blur shouted. I assumed this was Becky. "First of all, Howdo to you too Becks, Second of all, Becks this is Anti, Anti, Becky, and Third of all how many times do I have to tell you call me Glitch, not Evie?" Glitch said as Becky helped her up. "I'm gonna say, a million? So what's up with this Anti guy?" She asked rubbing my head. "Well like us, he's a lercortor demon, but lives at an adoption home so he has no one to teach him about his powers, can we help him?" She asked. Her eyes were glowing blue and green. They reminded me of my own septiceye eye. Her normal eye color was yellow so I have no idea what's going on now. "Of course squirt! We Lercortor demons need to stick together!" She shouted and ran to the back. I followed the two and we went back to there backyard.
(The powers Lercortor demons have would be the ability to read minds, to create an energy version of a weapon, shadow traveling, and blinding eyes.(Glitch and Anti use Spears as there energy weapons))

12 year old Anti P.O.V
Glitch and I were at our locker that we shared when it was slammed shut. Ugh, here we go with the idiot squad. "H-hey Dark, how's it going?" I asked, slowly backing away, as was Glitch. Though we could use our powers against them, and easily stopped them, we didn't like to do so due to our little, incident when we were 9. Nethier of them answered jus shoved Glitch and I into our locker, which we barely both fit into. "HEY LET US OUT ARSE WHOLES!" Glitch shouted banging on the locker door. "Not a chance, misfit."Corupt responded. Dark was leaning against the locker, making us unable to exit. 'At least we have our phones' Glitch said in my head. I nodded and pulled mine out. We listened to music and about a half an hour later we heard them leave. I slowly opened the locker door. I sensed no presence. "Coast is clear." I said, as I helped her out of the locker. "Thanks Anti." She said. I smiled. "No prob." We than proceeded to run home, as fast as possible, her looking back every couple of minutes. We finally reached home, and fell to the ground panting. "OH MY GOD, ARE YOU TWO OK?" Becky yelled running to us. "We're fine." We both said, standing up. "You guys don't look fine. Your red faced, panting, out of breath want me to continue?" She asked as I leaned on her for support before stepping off. "You could get us some water instead." Glitch said, panting still, as was I. We walked over and Sat down. "Here, now what happened?" She asked handing us water and sitting across from us. "What do ya think happened, Dark and Corupt happened." I said, before chugging the water. "Ugh, why do you two let them bully you like that? You guys are way more powerful than them, you could spear them out with one hit!" Becks said, starting to get angry. "Becks, did you just entirely forget what happened last time we stuck up to some bullies?" Glitch said, as well getting angry. "We nearly killed two demons Beckster, nearly KILLED!" I said, joining there angryness. "You know what forget it. Get bullied your whole life, see if I care." She said, storming off to her room. "I hate her some times." Glitch said chugging her water. "She just doesn't understand what we've been through to an extent, and really, I don't think she tries." I said, finishing my water.

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