6. Leaving Our Mark

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"Favourite colour?" I asked.




We were laying in bed, my back against his chest, his arm was wrapped around me and I was playing with his fingers, the fingers that had teased me on and off for hours.

The room had a scent that could only be associated with sex. Unfuckingbelievable sex. He was a true God and I would worship him forever. Not that he needed to know that.

"Um, favourite food?"

He chuckled as he pulled me closer against him. "Definitely lobster babe." He whispered against my neck and my insides turned to liquid as I thought back to what happened at the cafe. He was the perfect combination of soft and sweet, hard and fast, naughty and dirty. I had no doubt when he was younger he would have been labelled a bad boy and I delighted in the fact that in some ways he still was.

Without knowing it, he was bringing out a side of me that I'd only ever dreamt was there. My inhibitions had become almost non existent.

"Surname?" I was surprised as I felt him stiffen and turned to face him. Reaching up to cup his face, I looked into his eyes. "Was that a bad question?" I asked unsurely.

"Of course not." He soothed me, his lips meeting mine and I was lost. Lost in the kiss that was Jay.

"It's Williams." He whispered against my lips.

And slowly, but surely he again took my inhibitions away.

His hands rubbed down my sides, taking away all thoughts but the feel of his touch. One hand moved between my thighs and I parted them in anticipation of his touch, my body craving the feelings he'd proven he could provide.

"Again Mia?" He whispered and I moaned in response.

His thick, rough fingers rubbed the length of my soaking slit, my body jerking at the light stroking. Okay, so this is the point that I beg. Again. He knows exactly what he's doing to me, he's so skilled that I crave his touch and the more intense feelings that I know are coming.

"Oh god more. Please Jay."

"Have you noticed how raspy your voice is babe? You've been screaming so much tonight, your voice has this sexy, husky sound." He murmured as he slid a finger inside me.

"Ahhhh." I moaned. "More Jay, please." I begged and watched his face light up as he slid a second, thick finger inside me.

"Fuck!" He hissed. "I fucking love how tight you are."

"Is this what you want babe?" He asked as his fingers moved inside me.

"Yes, yes." I whimpered as he almost removed them, then added a third finger. "Oh god Jay, I'm so close."

His fingers curled against my gspot as his thumb circled my clit and I cried out as he tore another orgasm from me.

Before I had a chance to ride it out, he was inside me, his thick cock sliding in and out as I gripped him.

"Fuck Mia, it feels so good inside your pussy." He leant down and brushed his lips against mine before kissing me fully, his tongue licked my bottom lip and I opened my mouth to him, our tongues tangling in a dance of their own.

Jay gripped my thigh and raised my leg as he thrust into me harder and deeper, his lips moving from mine and searing a path down to my breasts. Gently pulling one erect nipple into his mouth, he suckled it before moving to the other, his tongue circling my hard bud before grazing it with his teeth and soothing it with his tongue.

The moans he drew from me were constant and I knew from earlier how much he loved it when I was vocal. When he could hear the pleasure he was giving me.

Gripping my thigh tighter he rolled and I was now on top, my body moving instinctively, chasing the climax that was once again building.

"Fuck Mia, don't stop baby." His fingers were digging into my hips as he thrust up to meet me, a scream escaping as his hard cock hit the spot.

I could feel him pulsing inside me and knew he was as close as me. Reaching between us, I rubbed my clit, my fingers feeling his wet shaft sliding in and out, his breath hissing as he quivered at my touch.

"Cum with me Mia." He grunted as he thrust deep inside before holding me in place, his seed pumping inside me as my body climaxed and squeezed him tight.

"Fuck." He growled as my pussy clenched him and my juices began flowing.

Laying against his chest, we were both desperately trying to catch our breath. Jay was still inside me, our bodies joined in a way that I couldn't get enough of. As our sweaty bodies started to cool, I felt Jay pull the blanket over us. I closed my eyes and as his fingers stroked my back, I fell asleep on his chest.

I hadn't opened my eyes, but I knew he was awake, I could feel him playing with my hair with one hand, the other still holding my body against his.

"Did you sleep?" I whispered, my voice hoarse and dry.

"A little." I lifted my head and looked up to meet his beautiful green eyes.

"That was amazing." I said shyly and he smiled.

Each time?" He asked with a smirk, laughing as I blushed and hid my face.

"Why don't you shower and I'll make some breakfast?"

"Okay." I nodded and reluctantly moved off of him, the mess we'd made last night now more obvious. I tried not to watch as Jay moved off the bed and reached for his jeans, every muscle in his body rippling with each movement. He smiled as he caught me watching him.

"Like what you see Mia?" Even though he was teasing, he waited for a response.

"Yes." I breathed, my voice still husky which didn't go unnoticed by Jay.

I was washing my hair as I thought back to last night...and this morning. My body was sore in ways that I hadn't felt before and I loved it. I loved that I could still feel Jays cock inside me, his hands on my body and his lips on mine.

I smiled as I thought of his eyes when he heard my voice, how they had sparkled then deepened as he looked at my lips. Is it male pride to be happy that they make you scream their name? A feeling of being powerful? In this case, knowing that he'd left my throat raw? I don't know, but I do know that I liked that look in his eyes, whatever it meant.

He'd stuck his head in the bathroom and suggested going to the beach.

"It's already hot out Mia, so if you want to go we should go this morning."

"Sounds great Jay, I'll be out in a minute.

I followed the smell of bacon down to the kitchen and almost moaned aloud as I saw him. He had obviously used the spare bathroom, his hair was still slightly wet and dripping onto his bare back. His black shorts sat low on his hips and I again marvelled at how his body could be so perfect.

But what really caught my eye was the many scratch marks I had left on his back.

"Pleased with them Mia?" He asked without turning.

"Wow, Jay I'm so sorry."

"Really? I kinda like knowing I drove you crazy enough to mark me." He faced me just in time to see my cheeks turn red and he grinned.

Oh yeah, my female pride was simmering away inside.

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