Try-Outs Day 2

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So I packed all of my stuff in a separate bag. Once again, throughout the day, I could only think about volleyball. The boys making fun of me only helped.

I couldn't help but think about how much they make fun of me now, I couldn't imagine how much they were going to make fun of me dressed in my practice attire.

I tried to think about ways in which I could avoid being seen by them. The only viable option was to wait it out but then I would be late for practice.

My mind drifted on volleyball all day and when the final bell rang, it was time. I nearly sprinted into the locker room, trying to secure the stall to change in. I made it first.

I took the bag of clothes out of my backpack and placed it on the back of the toilet. I heard a few boys in the other part of the bathroom. I realized that I needed to put on the panties first.

Even though I packed the most boyish kind, it was still girly. They were white with mini rainbows covering them.

I realized that you could see me putting them on underneath the stalls I I hurried up and hoped for the best. Next was the shorts, which were my all black ones, followed by my crazy socks and knee pads.

Although I had finished changing, I just waited and waited. I waited until there was only one minute until the start of practice, deciding I didn't need warm up time. Most of the guys had cleared out but not all, so I was going to have to power through the remaining.

I put my head down and power walked out of the locker room. Laughter followed but it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

The girls were still hitting balls around. I approached Kelly.

"Well look who has their own clothes now" she said. I blushed. Although I didn't really know her, I was developing a crush on her.

The whistle blew and we gathered in the center. Practice went well, I felt as if I was one of the better players out here and the girls thought so too.

We scrimmaged to finish tryouts and I was the third pick. I've never been picked third before. I was excited.

I was heading to the locker room to change after practice but I heard some of the football boys coming back from practice. I elected to skip changing and hop in the car as is.

The girls and I discussed how our practices went. I was feeling good about this season.

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