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We headed to a sporting goods store and stopped at the volleyball section. The first thing we grabbed were knee-pad of my own. Next was socks. Do you think they had any plain boy colored socks? Of course not.

Solid pink, neon colored hears, butterflies, flowers, and anything else that would make me look stupid. But I had to pick. I decided on five pair, that way I would have socks for every day of practice.

Next were shorts. I couldn't believe I was shopping for booty shorts. At least there was a black pair and a white pair. Now I only needed three more, but of course the rest were girly. I grabbed a plain pink pair just because it didn't have anything written on the butt; however, I was forced to get a yellow pair that said smile with a smiley face on it. My final pair was covered in flowers but it was the next best available option.

We checked out but unfortunately my horror wasn't over. We walked into another store to buy me panties. Since I was about Syd's size, her mom said she knew what size to get me. She showed me three packages, one being hello kitty, one being all pink and heart themed, and one being rainbow and unicorn themed. The last was the lesser of three evils although in this package their wasn't any plain white ones lite the other two.

We checked out again and headed home.

Of course, they wouldn't leave without a fashion show. This was humiliating but probably wasn't going to be my worst moment. I still had to change in school.

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