Coming Home {Peter Pan/Once Upon A Time}

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Neverland never used to have Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, it used to just be the fairies.

And Tinkerbell was never the "main" fairy.

Belle Ann was sick and tired of being the farmer's daughter back in the Enchanted Forest. She wanted away from her family. So, she was granted the gift of wings by the blue fairy, who showed her Neverland. She told her to look for the purest hearts, the good people (girls to be exact) that weren't happy back in the Enchanted Forest and grant them wings and bring them back to Neverland.

Belle had gathered many young girls to join her on the magical island, but most went off on their own. They all found their small parts of the island and never really ventured anywhere else. Tinkerbell stayed with Belle, and they practically built the island. Soon enough they let in the mermaids and many other magical creatures that hated the Enchanted Forest, and Neverland was the place for young kids to dream of.

Belle flew back to the Enchanted Forest, looking for a young girl that hated her home with a burning passion, when she saw something. It was Peter, back at his home. He was sitting on the roof of their small farm house, praying for Belle. Praying to be taken away to Neverland.

Belle forgot all about the young girl and flew to Peter, sitting down beside him on the roof. She had never seen a boy so happy before in her life. He told her of the terrible life he had. How no boys wanted to be his friend, and how his father was the town joke. That's when Belle made the decision: Peter would be the first boy in Neverland.

She never granted him wings, or made him a fairy, but she did grant him some special powers that can't even be described. She gave him the freedom to find young boys that wanted to leave their miserable lives and come here. And somewhere along the way, Belle fell in love with Peter Pan. And Peter fell in love with her as well.

But not all love stories have happy endings.

(Belle on side)

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