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The first day of school was interesting. It was a smaller school than the previous one I had attended but really the same old song.

Aunt Becky dropped me off and I did my best to find all of my classes and sit as far from the front as possible. Talking to people was out of the question as they already had their friends. Lunch I sat by myself and then finished the day. I waited out front until Syd's mom picked me up and we headed home.

That is how the entire first week went.

The second week was a little different because after school we had a volleyball meeting.

After the last bell I gathered my stuff and went to the gym. I saw a group of girls sitting in the middle of the court but I decided to sit against the wall. More and more girls piled in, as well as two coaches.

After a few minutes, they led roll call. Every girl said here, then they got to my name. I yelled "here" from across the gym. All of the girls looked over. The coaches told me to join their cluster so I got up and did. I was kind of embarrassed. As I was walking over, the one coach started to speak.

"Ok girls, since we don't have a boy's volleyball team, the state says that we have to allow him to tryout. He doesn't get any special treatment though, he is just like one of the girls."

I felt my face get beat red. One of the girls asked if I would be allowed in the locker room.

"He has to change in the boys locker room, but during games and stuff he will be allowed in after you are all fully clothed."

Well this is fun.

"Speaking of changing, we are requiring everybody to look like a team this year. This means knee pads for everybody, unlike last year when you girls thought you could do whatever."

One of the girls asked if that meant they had to wear dresses on gameday.

"Well because we aren't going to make a boy wear a dress, you just have to dress up and look nice on gameday."

I was glad that they were making some exceptions.

"However, you will be required to wear the school issued uniform and every practice you need to have game-like material on. That means volleyball shorts, socks, knee pads, and shoes."

She then handed out an expectation sheet and a sheet for our parents to sign.

We broke the huddle and I headed outside and waited for Syd's mom.

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