My New School

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We had to meet with the principle and guidance counselor from my new school. We drove up there and on the way up my aunt and I talked.

"Okay, since I work in the afternoons you guys will ride home with one of our neighbors in our apartment. We make our kids play a sport each season, so you are going to have to play one too." She said.

I told her that I didn't play sports and I would just wait around until they were done.

"That's not going to fly. You need to be active at least one hour a day so to make sure you do that, you are going to play a sport. Think about what you want to do so we can talk to the administrators about it."

We got to the school and we were told the mission statement, expectations, and all of the things available to us. It was pretty basic. Before we left, my aunt told me to ask about my fall sport.

I confessed and told her I hadn't really chosen one yet. The guidance counselor explained all of my options.

I was too small for football, had asthma so track and soccer were out of the question.

"Well I guess you could be a cheerleader" the girl suggested.

I really didn't want to be that. I asked for any other options.

"Well what do you like?" My aunt asked.

I told her that I was kind of good at volleyball. So my aunt asked about a boys volleyball team.

The guidance counselor told her that there was no such thing but the law states that if I wanted to try out, then they couldn't say no.

My aunt looked at me and I told her that I guess that would have to do.

After that we headed home.

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