Aunt Becky

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Aunt Becky took me back to her house after the funeral and I stayed there for good. I hadn't seen much of her since I was two but I was glad that I was living with her now instead of my former step-mom. I was going to miss the girls though. Instead, I would be living with my cousin April.

While I incisions my aunt living in a huge mansion, I was wrong. She lived in a small two bedroom apartment. This meant that I was sharing a room with April. Aunt Becky showed me the room which was all pink with very girl decorations all around. I couldn't help but notice there was only one bed.

I asked Aunt Becky about this and she informed me that every other week April stays with her father. Aunt Becky said she hasn't had time to pick up a spare bed so in the mean time, I would just use April's.

As for schooling, I would be attending a public school down the street from April's school. April went to school at an all-girls academy so I wouldn't be able to go there.

Money-wise, Aunt Becky couldn't afford private school but because she was a nurse their, April enrolled for free. In the afternoons, my aunt worked at an elderly home to try and take in extra cash. It's already hard for a single parent of one to be financially set but now she was responsible for another.

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