Chapter 14

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He whacked Tehya and I into the wall, and pushed Joyce with one of his hands. It didn't look like much force, but it was as if Joyce was superman flying in the air at an incredibly fast speed, it nearly made me chuckle.

"STOP!" Hayley shouted with closed eyes and raised hands. The man suddenly flung hard into a wall, breaking bricks as he lay on the inside of the bathroom which was right behind the wall. He coughed at the dirt and made a smirk on his face, which looked like he was impressed or something.

Hayley breathed heavily with her chest rising up and down. I opened my mouth, wide in astonishment.

" just- uhh, use mind powers to fling him into that wall just then?" Tehya stuttered.

At that moment Alessandra ran over to the man in a millisecond.

"Matt, are you okay?!"

What the flip?! Alessandra, our friend...knows this person? And how the hell did she run over to him so fast?

"I'm fine, babe." He responded as he stood up.

Everyone gave each other confused looks, but our looks quickly changed to surprise when Alessandra hissed at us with long fangs and demon eyes.

"Your a vampire!" Joyce exclaimed at the top of her lungs- "Burn in hell demon!"

She quickly ran over to my bag and grabbed out my bible and silver cross. Alessandra ran over but her skin was melting as the cross was in contact with her skin. She screeched in pain as we all froze in astonishment. She ran back towards the man standing right next to him breathing heavily with flared nostrils.

I could not believe what was happening. Our friend...was a vampire? How did that even happen?

"Alessandra, are you really a vampire?" Tehya said aloud, obviously thinking the same thought as me. Alessandra snorted.

"I'm not just a vampire. I'm the queen of vampires."

"And I'm the king. Well, a hybrid king." The man, Matt, said right after Alessandra spoke.

"What?!" I responded.

"Oh please, your friend here is a witch." The man said gesturing towards Hayley.

"Ha! I always knew you were a witch, I mean- gingers, c'mon. They're soul takers." Joyce said pointing at Hayley. Hayley looked down at the ground in shame before looking at Joyce with pleading eyes.

"Some witches can be good though! And I am a good witch. If I was bad, then don't you think that I would have hurt or killed you guys by now?" Before anyone of us were about to respond, Alessandra butted in-

"Well, it doesn't really matter cause your going to die now." Alessandra smiled with an evil grin, showing her long, sharp canine teeth. She began walking up to us while licking her teeth and somehow growing out long claws from her finger nails.

For a small moment, I hoped that all of this was just a prank. That Alessandra wasn't actually preparing to kill us all, and that she wasn't actually the vampire queen that has a hybrid king.

But as she continued to walk at us, I knew that this was real and that I had to act fast. I quickly took off my bag and put my hand in it to get a stake out. But as I was about to grab it out, Alessandra ran up to me in an instant and pinned me up to the wall with my throat. I felt my body raise up in the air as I dangled my feet. I held on her wrist to try and open my air way as her hold was hard on my throat. I tried to speak but it was difficult. Alessandra was extremely strong.

"" I choked out to everyone. I saw Joyce grab a stake out from my bag and stab it in Alessandra's back. She immediately let go of my neck and shouted in immense pain.

I fell to the floor and began coughing and taking heavy breathes while grasping my sore neck.

"Oh my god are you okay, Jaimie?!" Hayley ran over asking me. When she was about to reach me, Matt punched her so she went flying back right into Joyce. He roared so loudly that I had to cover my ears.

He ran over to Alessandra and ripped out the stake from her back. The wound immediately began healing infront of my eyes.

Something told me that tonight was going to be a very eventful night.

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