Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

When I was thirteen years old, actually a few days after I turned thirteen to be exact, my parents decided to get a divorce. Well, maybe decided isn't exactly the right word. How about screamed at each other every single night until finally one night my mom called the police.

The date was June 2nd, 2009, my thirteenth birthday was on May 29th.

I still remember everything that happened that day, every single little detail.

It was super windy out. The kind of strong wind that practically lifted you off the ground. It was cloudy too and the sun didn't show its face the entire day.

I remember walking home with my three friends Michelle, Katie, and Jade. We all went to the local middle school together and we always enjoyed walking down to the beach every day after school and sticking our toes in the sand. Oh yeah, and also checking out all the hot guys that would come down to surf with their friends.

However, it was too windy that day and all three of us just wanted to be able to find a place to fix our hair and get it out of our faces. I invited Michelle, Katie, and Jade over to my house, which was a mistake to say the least.

As soon as we started walking up the driveway to my family's one story house, we all heard my mom and dad shouting. Well, my dad was shouting and my mom was screaming. My friends and I didn't exactly know what to do next, all three of them knew about my "parent issues" but they had never actually witnessed it until that day.

Before we could decide what to do next, because we sure as hell weren't going in the house, the back door opened and my dad stormed out.

My mom soon followed, shouting, "And just where the hell do you think you're going?!"

My father ignored her and ducked into the garage which was already opened and got into his car. He didn't even notice my friends and I standing there in the driveway.

My mom then ran across the yard and into the garage spreading her arms in and out, trying to tell him to stop backing out. When he got to the end of the driveway, my friends and I had already moved onto the lawn. He then pulled the car out of the driveway and onto the street, my mom running towards the car, too angry to notice us.

"You crazy son of a bitch!" she shouted and then picked up a small stone and threw it in the direction of my dad's car, missing it badly. "Well, good riddance!" she croaked, then dropped to her knees and began to sob.

"Mom?" I said, amazed that she still hadn't noticed me.

She glanced up and gave me an "I'm so sorry you had to witness this" look before standing up, trying to compose herself.

"I think you guys should go," I told my friends softly.

All three of them cast me worried, sympathetic looks and walked away.

I then helped my mom inside where she continued her mental breakdown in the kitchen.

"Mom is there anything I can do?" I asked, trying not to cry. I didn't want to make her feel even worse about herself.

"No, no" she said, wiping her eyes, "Why don't you just go upstairs and do your homework honey."

Once I was upstairs in my room, I buried my face in my pillow and cried into it. The tears didn't seem to stop and before I knew it, when I looked at my clock after I finished crying, it already showed that it was 8:00pm.

I went downstairs and ate some cold pizza by myself, wondering if my mother was still shut up in her room. After I ate, she finally came into the kitchen and told me to sit with her on the couch in the living room.

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