Dinner with Lauren's Family

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Your POV

"Lauren i'm scared" i said looking at Lauren worriedly she sighs "Y/N, it's just dinner with my family" she said shrugging, i bit my lip and look down. "But you're dad hates me" i mumble sadly she got my hand "No he doesn't, come on babe" she said kissing my cheek. We were already in front of the Jauregui household and i didn't want to go in because i remember when Lauren's father kept glaring at me the first time i met them. I felt so scared. "Loloo...." i whine she sigh and placed her fingers on my chin and tilt my head so i could face her, "I know my dad can be scary but trust me he's a good person" she said softly then lean down to kiss me sweetly. I blush when i felt her smile on our kiss while cupping my cheek, "You'll be fine baby" she said when she pulled away.

I sigh deeply and finally went out of the car, Lauren got my hand and we walk to the door, when we were in front of the door i took a deep breath and was about to run but Lauren got both of my hands. "Stop being a pussy Y/N" she joked pinching my arm slightly "Ow" i said giggling "Okay okay fine, but you gotta kiss me first" i said she smiled and cupped my cheeks. Then the door opened making us both pull away, i look at the person and my eyes widen in fear, shit it's Mike. He was raising an eyebrow at both of us and i felt like i'm gonna pass out. "DADDY!" Lauren squeal and hug him tight "Hey baby girl" he said kissing her head then glared at me, i gulp hard and look down. Lauren nudge my rib and i look at her and she was tilting her head to her dad, telling me to say something.

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"Oh right, hello Mr Jauregui

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"Oh right, hello Mr Jauregui. It's nice to see you again" i said smiling but he didn't smile causing me to frown and looked at him scared again. "LAUREN!" Taylor squeal Lauren smiled and she pulled me inside the house then she hugged her sister, "Hey Tay you look so beautiful" Taylor giggle and kiss her cheek "Thanks sis, hey Y/N!" i smile and hugged Taylor "Hello" i said giggling then Chris came in and greeted us too. "Mija?" i heard Clara say soon Lauren squeal and hugged her mama, i smile and waved at Clara "Oh Y/N sweetheart you came! i hope my husband didn't scare you" she said looking at me worriedly, i gulp "U-um.... he didn't" i said smiling nervously. "Good, cause i don't want you to feel uncomfortable" i chuckle slightly and shrug and then we all sat around the dinning table. I sat between Taylor and Lauren.

During dinner, they were all talking about their lives and everything blah blah blah... then dinner soon came to an end. We were all now watching a movie and it was a romantic movie, Lauren sat next to me then i wrap my arm around her shoulders but i saw Mike glaring at me so i slowly pull my arm down. Lauren looked at me confused but placed my arm back to her shoulders cuddling to me. I gulp and look at Mike then to Lauren then back to Mike who wasn't really happy, i hesitantly moved away from Lauren causing her to frown. "Why are you moving away Y/N?" she asked quietly "Your father isn't happy with us cuddling" she groan "Forget him please?" i shrug "I still have to respect him" she rolled her eyes and cross her arms to her chest watching the movie with a glare. I pout and sigh, great now my girlfriend is mad at me. I tried to take her hand but she pulled her hand away making me frown.

"Lauren" i whispered she ignored me making me sigh and scooted closer to her, i gulp and shut my eyes tight. I knew Mike wouldn't be happy with what i'm gonna do but my girlfriend comes first, i wrap my arms around Lauren and pepper kiss her face. "I'm sowwy" i mumble through the kisses, "stop" she whispered i look at her and she was smiling a bit. She then pull away from me then glared at me, i pout and then pulled her to my lap fast and hugged her tight "i love you, i love you, i love you..." i kept mumbling as i hug her and kissing her cheeks. She giggle and she's like melting inside my arms, i smile and kissed her cute nose then i paused she open her eyes still smiling widely like a baby. I then lean down and gave her a loving soft kiss on the lips "i love you" i mumble i saw her blush and smile at me shyly "i love you too" she mumble back and kiss me back.

"Y/N, Lauren, please watch the movie" Mike said sternly making us jump i look at the screen scared and Lauren giggled burying her face to my neck and i wrap my arms around her body. When the movie ended it's time for us to go home, FINALLY! i wanted to go home because i really want to cuddle with my baby in bed until i fall asleep as she reads or watch TV. When Lauren was saying goodbye to her family i saw Mike looking at me, "Y/N come here" he said with his scary voice, oh gosh. I walk to him and we walk to the kitchen, he looks at me and i took a deep breath he sighs and smile at me making me confused. "I know i scared you since the day we met and i feel like you are scared of me?" i didn't talk but nodded he chuckle "I'm sorry, maybe because i was just upset that my baby girl is growing up and i wasn't ready to see her in a relationship" i nodded calming down slowly.

"I always think that she's still my little girl, but when i saw you two interact with each other while we were watching a movie. I realized that my baby is not a baby anymore, she is a grown woman who has a loving partner" in this point i was smiling and he was a bit emotional. "At first, i didn't think you were the right one for Lauren because i always thought you were just a fuck girl, no offense" i frown at that "But then i saw the real you, you really love Lauren and i saw that. I saw the way you treat her, and i'm really thankful for you being with Lauren, protecting her and loving her endlessly. So Y/N, i'm so sorry for my actions, i hope you forgive me" he finished i smile and nod "Of course sir, i forgive you and i do love Lauren" he nods chuckling "I know, you were so whipped for her" we laughed loudly and i nod "True" i said nodding. He then hugged me making me calm down now.

"Aw" we heard we pull away and i saw Lauren smiling at us widely, she rushed to her dad and hugged him. "I love you dad, and i'll always be your little girl" she said smiling he smiled sadly and hug her tight, "I love you too mija" he said then kissed her head. Lauren giggled then hugged me tight "Come on let's go home" she said smiling at me i nod and kiss her cheek, she held my hand and then we said goodbye to the Jauregui family. As we walk to the car i saw Mike and Clara hugging each other making me smile then we entered the car. "So you're not afraid of my dad anymore?" Lauren asked i shake my head smiling "Nope!" she giggle "Good!" she then pecked my lips and then we drove away.

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