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❦Emily Taylor❦

People think it's easy being me. That I have everything I wanted. That my life is simple and perfect. Well it's not.
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I walked into the school and was greeted by most kids in the school.

"Way to go Taylor!"

"You rock!"

Yesterday was one of our games between our rivals, Riverside high. And let's say we won! Lake ridge high won! We always bested them. This time the score was  10 to 3.

I smiled at everyone and went to my locker.

No one has ever noticed me, only after a game or so, but that was it.

"Watch out!"

I turned around and saw a soccer ball coming straight toward my head. I head-butted the ball with my head and it dropped on the floor right in front of me.

A group of guys came up to me. One of them picked up the ball. "Sorry."

"Maybe you shouldn't play soccer in the hallway." I snapped.

A smirk came across his face. "Well, baby girl maybe you shouldn't have been in the way." He walked away.

I huffed, closing my locker and going to class.

Boys are stupid.

Sorry for it being short, but it'll be better I promise.

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