Celebrating the Fallen

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The morning seemed to be like any other—the vibrant vegetation stretched out for miles, over hills, beyond the Dark Forest, and skimming the edges of the Black Lake as tress rose up like mountains, bright flowers filled the air with their scent, and bushes sculpted into interesting figures decorated the grounds of Hogwarts. There was nothing out of place, except for the huddle of people all dressed in black making their way to Hogwarts' own graveyard.

A ruby casket was centered on a small section of the acreage. Massive wreaths sat overhead, matching the red and gold roses in the hands of the people. 

"You know they're nosing in," Angelo Zabini muttered as he turned to look back at the direction of the castle. "I can see them now, with their telescopes and Extendable Ears from the Weasley Wizard Wheezes Platinum Edition. Those sneaky bastards have absolutely no respect."


Angelo let out a hiss, turning back to glare at his sister. "What the bloody hell was that for?"

"Mum said to pass it down," Savanna murmured, eyes focused ahead to the ceremony, but she still aimed another hit at the back of his head. "Be quiet."

Angelo rubbed the back of his head, ready to hit back, but he caught his mother's frown from the corner of his eye. He smiled sheepishly at her, but Cho Zabini was not easily persuaded by such acts (if she were, well Angelo guessed he'd have more siblings by now). 

"Idiots," Savanna huffed to herself, an angry shade of red flushing her cheeks. "This has nothing to do with them. There is going to be hell to pay when McGonagall returns to the castle. She told the staff no student was allowed out until her return."

"Why are you allowed to talk?" Angelo asked when the people around them nodded in agreement with her.

"Because I'm eloquent, Angie," Savanna returned.

"Don't call me Angie!"

Angelo received another hit, one with more force and irritation, but this time it came from Dominique Weasley. "Shut it, both of you. There's a funeral going on."

Angelo smirked at her. "I like it when you get rough, Dom."

Dominique's green eyes flashed murderously, but Angelo was spared from her wrath when the Minister's voice rang deep and loud, calling back attention to him. He stood at the head of his people, as their leader, as a man who could not be shattered by the world. Yet, if anyone could look close enough, they would see the same exhaustion that lined the eyes of those who had fought one battle after another.  

Kingsley asked for family and close friends to gather around.

"Poor Dash. His world is falling apart," Roxanne whispered past her tears as Savanna looped her arm around hers, guiding her nearer to the casket. Ariana followed closely behind, eyes intent on Dash Finnegan being held by his grieving mother. 

Roxanne searched the crowd for her parents and felt her heart shatter more for Dash. She could not imagine a world without them.

"To think I was getting him in trouble when Teddy came around," James cut in as all groups of teenagers merged together to share loss. "I promise now, lads, never to use Devil's Snare for pranks, not after what I did to Finnegan."

Al scoffed. "With the countless pranks you've yet to try with Devil's Snare, no one believes that."

"All right, how about I gladly take the detention for it?" James added, acknowledging that he did have a few good pranks involving Devil Snare, all of which were written in the Weasley/Potter book of secrets (a novel the original Weasley Prankster created for his young grasshoppers). "Sounds like a plan, right, mates?"

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