Part 30 - Good Girls & Bad Men

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i'm wondering about how long I should make this book. any suggestions? with the way things are going I'm thinking I might have to make a sequal

and don't give up Lila and Kadri shippers, ok?

the war between Liladri and Lako is only beginning *evil laughter*

not sure if I edited this or not honestly...

do any of you watch From Dusk Till Dawn?

so excited about season 3 omfg

I can't wait to see Kate kick some ass. And hopefully there'll be some Kate x Richie scenes. I ship them so hardddddddd.

lol ignore that if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

it's the show in the vid above

lol enjoy love you guys

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I sighed as I made my way through the hallway. I was coming from the AP Literature room to talk about a story I wrote with Ms.Yumin. She wanted me to write another one for a 13,000 dollar scholarship to a school dedicated to literature, classics and the arts. I lifted a hand and pulled my hair down from it's ponytail. I picked up my pace and halted at the back door leading to the parking lot. I could hear soccer practice from here. Which meant Jako was over there. He and me...we were strange. We were technically dating in everyone's eyes except for mine. He made my blood boil be said of more things than one. When he kissed me I felt...amazing, and shocked. Yes, I felt like I'd been shocked. I didn't know what I felt towards him and when I figured that out then I'd-

Do what?

Without thinking, because I've had enough of that this past week. I'd come home last week to a wrecked house and a mother with bruises on her skin. Two brothers. One crying the other looking pissed off as hell.

"What happened?" I had asked him, rushing towards my mother and examining her bruises as she sat trembling on the couch.

"Dad happened."

I'd been terrified. I couldn't move.

"Dad did this?" My voice shook. I didn't believe it. How did he do this to his own family? How could he-

"Yes, he asked for a divorce and when mom refused..." His hooded eyes tell me the rest. Besides him, Andy is bawling his eyes out. He seemed to have realized something significant has happened.

"Did he see?" I asked and Brandon looked down at Andy, rubbing his back affectionately. The pain in his eyes hidden so well that even I had a hard time seeing it, but once I did I could see how much of it there was.

"Only a little bit." 

And then I took it in. Our messy, broken family. Three siblings. One bawling, some of his innocence ripped away from him. One too afraid to let his sorrow be seen to comfort his younger brother who felt as though his world had split and was trying to devour him whole. A mother who couldn't speak out of shock with three children hovering over her. And me. Me... The guilt hit me like a truck and my chest became heavy. The burden of tucking away unresolved feelings. I don't know how long we stood there. Until every last one of us took in the new us.

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