Baby lifeguards

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Y/n P.O.V
It's been a few days since the fight with Draco. My family went back to live in the cave. My friends and I went back to doing what we normally do but today was gonna be even better. Aphmau asked me to go with her to see a lady named Jenna for Dante. "Sure Aph, anything to help!" "Wow! Thanks so much y/n!" We left after getting ready and we arrived at a salon. "Um Aphmau does this Jenna lady work here?" "Yes, Dante wants to know more about her so we are going to ask her some questions." "Oh Irene, i mean ok!" We then saw a blonde woman walk out of the salon. "Wait a second, Jenna?!" "Y/n?! Is that you?!" "Oh my Irene! No way! You work here?!" "Yeah and you're here! This is so cool!" Then Aphmau walked over. "Uh what's happening?" "Aphmau, Jenna is my bff from middle school!" "Yeah! Me and
Y/n go way back!" Aphmau still looked confused but then it happened. "Hey
Y/n, would you and Aphmau like to help with my shift as a baby lifeguard?" "Oh no-" "BABIES?! YES WE WILL HELP!" Suddenly Aphmau grabbed my arm and almost dragged me to the baby pool. After changing we went out to the pool and watched the babies. Aphmau and Jenna talked about how they liked anime until Aphmau and I saw Dante and Garroth dressed as babies to spy on us. "Aphmau would you come with me for just one moment." "Gladly." We walked over to them. "Aw what cute little babies." We both said. "Uh goo goo ga ga." "Hello is this horribly disguised Garroth and Dante's parents?" Aphmau said as she called Aaron on my phone. "Goo goo?" "Well you're definitely naughty babies so I guess you're going to have time out." I grabbed their ears and pulled them to the time out corner. "Oww y/n ok. Ladies we'll stop just please let us out!" "Hmm nope!" Suddenly Aaron walked over. "Hey y/n Aphmau called me for you so what's up-" I looked at him and he looked a little red. "You look great." "Thank you." "What?! I mean you look uh good in anything! I don't know what I'm saying I just-" "You don't need to say anything as long as you stay here." "Uh ok." Aaron was a bright red and he looked hilarious and cute. We spent some time at the baby pool and played with the babies. After the shift we went back to the house. "Hey um Aaron, I'm gonna fly over to see my family." "I want to go with you." "Wha- ok." I grabbed Aaron and we went up to the roof. "Well um don't let go of my hand I guess." "Yeah." I was slightly worried but I know Aaron is strong and pretty determined. Aaron took my hand and we blasted away. I flew a lot faster now from my training. We got to the cave and Aaron looked pale. "Uh Aaron." "I think I'll swim back later." "Haha sorry." We walked in to see my family. My brother Leo who is a dragon like me. He's only older by a year, but I'm the dragon lord instead of him somehow. My mom, Mavis, is an angel that fell in love with my dad and came to earth to meet him. She's super nice and is a very supportive person. My dad is who I'm worried about. He's the former dragon lord and I really don't know much about him. Then as I looked I saw a man that looked like, Draco?! He looked like Draco but not evil. He actually looked nice and caring. We walked in and everyone looked at Aaron first. Then my mother and Draco walked over. "Y/n I'm so glad to see you here, but this man is in fact Draco. You and Leo did not kill him, you just banished the evil in him. Draco is your uncle and if you didn't notice that is why he hesitated to fight you. He loves you more than you know." "Yeah, I really didn't want to fight you, but the evil in me took over. I hope you understand." "Of course I do, you're my uncle and you're family." "Y/n who is this man with you." Leo suddenly walked over. "You better not be touching my sister!" "Leo! This man is my boyfriend mother, his name is Aaron."

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