Ninteen- Journey

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Will's POV-

I left the wedding on my horse at high speed.

"Prince William, where are you going?" I heard various people call for me, but I was too anxious to answer.

I had to see Nico again, though it quickly dawned on me that I had no clue where Hade's castle was. However I knew where to get directions.

I sped up my horse and galloped on for nearly a mile before coming to a small down by the name of Albury. We got much of our supplies in the castle, including food and metal work from Albury and I had become friends with many of the young men and weomen about my age.

I headed straight for the blacksmith shop where I knew my friend Leo would be hard at work. I spotted him straight away, hammering on an elaborate sword.

"Leo!" He didn't look up, "Leo!!!"

"Uh what?" He looked up at me and grinned, "Oh, hey Will what's up man?"

"I need directions to the castle of Bacia."

"Uh well, I dunno."

"What do you mean you don't know?"

"Never heard of Bacia."

"Really? Leo Bacia is our neighboring country, ya know the one lead by Hades that's extremely powerful and we have an aliance with with?"



"No sorry still have no idea. You can talk to Grover down by the vegetable farm though, he'll probably know."

"Okay thanks Leo." I waved and then sped off in search of directions. I had to find Nico.

Nico's POV-

I sat in the corner of the cold, damp cell. I don't understand. Why does Hades hate me so much, just because I'm gay?

I heard a bang and gasped sharply. Realizing it was just a large metal door closing I sighed. For the days I had been down there, one thought kept me from loosing all hope and going insane. My sunshine will save me, my one true love will save me from this hell.

A.N. Dying rn I'm sorry for the feels.

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