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Meet Ashley and Roman—complete opposites who can’t hide their attraction—in Episode 1 of Ruthie Knox’s eBook original serial, Roman Holiday.

Ashley Bowman is having a bad week. Reeling from the death of her beloved grandmother, she returns to the Florida Keys only to learn that a heartless Miami developer has gotten hold of the crappy vacation rentals she calls home. Ashley has one day to clear out before Roman Díaz destroys the only place in the world that matters to her. Chaining herself to a palm tree in the bulldozers’ path seems like a good way to stop him . . . until she realizes she should’ve brought food and water. And pants. Also, it would help if the evil developer weren’t so ridiculously hot.

The last thing Roman Díaz needs is some sun-kissed blond protester getting her picture in the newspaper and messing up his plans. He bought the property fair and square, and the resort he wants to build on the site is the key to realizing his highest ambitions. But when a hurricane blows through, Roman has to hustle Ashley to safety if he wants to protect his reputation—and that means giving in to her unreasonable demands.

Roman needs to learn a little compassion, and Ashley’s decided to teach it to him . . . even if she has to drag him all over the Eastern Seaboard to do it.


Roman Holiday is an epic, humorous adult romance novel that will be published by Random House in ten  episodes over two seasons. Season 1 began Monday, November 11, with episode 1, which is called "Chained." Then four more episodes follow, one every Monday. Each episode is 40-60 pages long. There will be a break of a few months between seasons, and then the final five episodes of the story will become available in March of 2014.

What follows is the reader's note and an excerpt from the beginning of episode 1, Roman Holiday 1: Chained. If you like it, read on to learn how you can get your hands on a copy of the book and join the fun!

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