Chapter 5. Edited.

I stayed quite the whole way to Cameron's house. I just looked out the window and tried to concentrate on something to distract myself from the hurt in my face. Cameron had turned on his rock music in the car loud as we sped down the road and he lit himself a cigarette and filled the car with the smoke, purposely because he knew I hated it.

"This was your entire fault you know," Cameron said making me jump. "As long as you understand that," he said as his house came into view.

"What am I going to tell people?'' I asked knowing that the blow to the face would cause swelling and maybe a black eye.

"You got attacked after school when you were on your way walking to my car. 3 girls jumped you and took your cell phone," he said as the car came to a halt outside his house.

''But I have my phone'', I said confused.

''Give it to me,'' he demanded.

I gave him the phone to avoid trouble. He jumped out of the car agilely. I had seen him disappear at the back of the car. He then proceeded to jump back in turn on the car drive backwards and drive back into place and turn off the car. He looked at me, "You don't have a phone now" I tried so hard to hold back the tears.

"I'm only doing this because I love you,'' he said sincerely. "Come on,'' he said. "Mum will have dinner for me, and you know she always makes extra in case you come over,'' he said leaning over and kissing the top of my head.

I was so confused. I got out of the car never looking at my reflection.  Cameron went into the house first going to his kitchen and sure enough there was his mother Louise standing over the cooker stirring something.

''Hey Mom'', Cameron said making her jump.

"Hey baby,'' she said. ''KIRA,'' She boomed. "You came over. I haven't seen you in a while,'' she rambled.

As I came into the light of the kitchen her face altered from happy to that of utter shock and disgust.

"What happened to you Kira,'' she said running to my side and stoked my swollen face.

I caught Cameron's eye before I answered. He looked calm, so sure I wouldn't tell her the truth.

"I was attacked on my way out of school, they took my cell phone too,'' I said as silent tears began to roll down my cheeks.

"Honey'' she said taking me into an embrace. Cameron was right I wouldn't betray him, I did not know what had happened to even think of betraying him.

"I think you should go to the police,'' Louise said concerned.

''NO!'' I practically screamed.

"Calm down honey, its OK,'' she said wiping the tears from my cheeks.

"Cameron,'' She said. "Bring Kira up to your room. I'll order you pizza the dinner's not ready yet,'' she said rubbing my hand now.

Cameron got up and walked to my side he put an arm around my shoulder. ''Thanks'' he whispered as we reached the stairs.

I walked ahead of him up to his room. He unlocked the door and I went and sat down on his bed. His room was very dark, many posters of Avenged Sevenfold on his walls and he had drawn a portrait of me and him for a project in art which now hung on his wall. It really was beautiful and so detailed and so realistic. Cameron has standing in front of the mirror fixing his hair. He walked to his closet and pulled out a hoodie. It had My Chemical Romance on it, and he threw it to me.

''Put that on,'' he said. I slipped it on over my head. "You look cold,'' he said explain without me asking why I had to wear this.

"Thanks,'' I said to be polite, "I want to see my face.''

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