Written: 18/07/2016

7; What A Feeling.

A L E N A.

"Oh, look! Here he is!" Liam pointed at Harry who walked looking around as if someone was watching him.

"Why is he wearing a beanie? He doesn't wear them quite often." I questioned.

"I have no idea." He said as Harry finally took a seat next to us on the bench. I was doing my homework with Liam, when Harry texted him that if we were alone and boy, that was creepy.

"Phew. Hey, guys." He sighed.

"Hi, Haz. What's up with the beanie?" I greeted.

"Got a new haircut." He mumbled in a low tune.

"You got a new haircut?!" My voice came out higher than inteneded, making a few heads snapping in our direction and me ducking my head down.

"I mean, you got a new haircut?" I spoke in a low voice this time.

"Yes." He crossed his arms.

"Then show us." I demanded.

"I am not sure about this." He murmured.

"What could be worse than Liam shaving his head off every once in a while!?"

"Hey?" Liam threw a note at me.

"Just trying to make him feel better!" I raised my hand up in surrender.

"Fine." Harry took of his beanie, showing us his new cut hair which wasn't actually short and he was just being a drama queen. It suited him but he felt weird since we all got used to his old hairstyle.

"That looks good on you, mate." Liam commented.

"Yes, it isn't bad or anything. I like it!"

"Really?" Harry kinda smiled.

"Yeah, yeah. Embrace it." Liam advised. "Now, can we get back to our undisturbed study session?"

"Jesus. Okay. Have anyone seen Zayn?" He asked.

"Not really." I replied back.

"He has got literature." Liam answered.

"Shit. I forgot about the damn lecture." He slapped his hand over his forehead. "Hudson will never let me attend the second period."

"Shush. Trying to study here." I shushed Harry which he returned a scowl at me and went to play Pokémon Go, away from us till his next class actually started.

After a long study session with Liam, I kind of finished a lot of the assignments I had. We walked together to Chemistry class where there was Harry seated front row, Liam left and went to his Physics class. I sat at the usual place I sit with Zayn.

He came in a few minutes later and took a seat. "Hey! Haven't seen you in the morning." He greeted.

"I was studying with Payno, how was literature?"

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