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Legacy: Betrayals (Bk 2) Prologue, Chapter 1

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Excited? It's the prologue AND the first chapter, even before exams are over!! I was just reading soem stories, taking a break from homework, and i got inspiration :D Here it is guys!! Legacy's Sequel!! Ahh! I'm so excited! My first sequel!

Enjoy :D:D:D


As he dragged me behind him I cried out, struggling to break his iron grip.

"Let go of me you jerk!" I screeched, trying to pull my arm away from him uselessly.

"Sorry Princess, orders are orders. I've got no choice."

"Who ordered you?" I asked bitterly, planting my heels deep onto the ground.

He looked at me earnestly, a sickening regret in his eyes.

"The boss."

A quick yank caught me off guard and we were walking again, me stumbling along beside him.

"Who sent you," I asked unnecessarily, struggling in vain. I was pretty sure I knew who he was talking about though. His boss, the man my parents loathed, who's death was probably worth more then mine, the man who was the cause of all my problems-in my mind anyway. A chill went up my spine as an unbidden thought crossed my mind.

If he really was the one who wanted me, my chances of making it out of this alive have just gone down drastically.

"His name," he said, yanking my arm again to keep me going, "is Aaron."


I walked into the room-well, more like stormed-and plopped down on Cade's bed, sighing loudly.

He glanced up from the book he was reading, raising a quizzical eyebrow.

"I don't want to talk about it," I answered his unasked question. Flopping back on his bed, I tried to to push my frustration away. I closed my eyes, taking deep breathes, trying to clear my head. Unsuccessful, I let out another sigh.

"Are you-"


A few more minutes passed in silence and I let out another sigh.

"Okay," he said finally, marking his place and putting the book on the end table. "What happened?"

"My parents happened," I answered, despite my previous statements about not wanting to talk about it. Cade knew me well, and knew I didn't mean it when it I said those kind of things, but was just making sure the person I was talking to cared enough to pursue the conversation anyway.

"What this time?" He asked, used to my rants about my parents. I loved them and all, but sometimes being the daughter of royalty was a royal pain, especially my parents kind of royalty. My father was the vampire king, my mother the human ambassador and queen. They were legendary. I've heard the stories, how my mom used to be a hunter and my father a ruthless vampire, and how they despised each other, which i found difficult to believe. My parents were in love, it was clear in everything they did, and I couldn't picture their gazes locked with hate in their eyes, i just couldn't.

And as if being the daughter of such legacies wasn't enough, there was the little matter of finding a mate/husband and getting ready to take over the vampire throne. My parents were totally stressing about the fact that I couldn't find a suitable guy, and about how my grades had started slipping, and the fact that I had been caught sneaking out last night (not like i was doing anything bad, I just wanted alone time without the plethora of guards). So, i was now officially grounded. Me, a vampire princess, daughter of two legends, grounded. I wish my life was more like those books Cade was always reading, romantic lovers and carefree parents, everything always turning out perfect in the end.

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