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*Edited 2/8/17

tl;dr: The sequel is in progress, but read the spinoff first. (Go to the next chapters for more info)

So, The King's Choice is over. A huge thanks to all of you who have supported this story from the beginning. I wouldn't have completed it without you. 

Obviously, I left a bunch of plot threads unresolved. The reason for that is I originally planned for this story to be a standalone, ending with Avery winning the competition, but as you know it went in a completely different direction. This kind of threw a wrench into my plans, as I ended up expanding the TKC world considerably from its original inception.

So, originally when I finished this story I meant for the sequel to take place after a year and tie up some loose ends and that'd be all. Except I got an idea for a Sabine-centric spinoff.  It was going to be a standalone, having no effect on the TKC sequel. But I had to go and make things difficult for myself and now the events of that story will have drastic consequences for Nate and Avery. So, even if you hate Sabine with the fire of a thousand suns, I highly suggest you read it or else you'll be lost.

I'm blown away by the support this little story has received. I never would have seen it through to the end without you guys, so thank you once again. I hope to have more wonderful stories for you to read in the future.

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