Ditching Class Part Two

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Ray: *grinning like a doofus* I got you guys in trouble! :)

Teacher: You boys are in big trouble!

The guys: D:

Teacher: You ditch class and drink Jack, and you don't invite me? D:<

Jonathan: There's still some Jack left... Ya want some?

Teacher: Well, of course I want some!

David: *pats ground next to him* Sit.

Head: *hands Teacher a bottle of Jack* :)

Teacher: *drinks*

Ray: D:

Lucia: Do you have enough left for me?

David: Of course! :D

Lucia: *sits on the other side of David* *takes a bottle of Jack* *drinks*

Ray: >:(

Munky: What's the matter Ray? You mad because you couldn't get us in trouble?

Ray: PSH.... No! 😒

Jonathan: Suuuure.

David: *throws empty bottle at Ray* Go away, you little cockroach! >:(

Ray: *storms off*

Jonathan: *bites Lucia* :3

Lucia: *glares at Jonathan*

David: *smacks Jonathan* *hisses*

Jonathan: :(

Sorry it took so long to update. I kinda forgot about updating this book... 😅

So, hope you enjoyed it!


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