It Happened

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Everything seemed normal....that is if you lived with the Akatsuki. -.-'

All of us live in the Uchiha compound much to mine and Sasukes displeasure. Why is the akatsuki living in the Uchiha Compound you ask? Well simple really.

Hidan, Deidara, and Tobi.

Thats how.

All of us were in the dining room minus Konan & Jugo who are cooking and Sasuke who is......Wait where is my little brother. I looked at Pein and he understood. Just as we were about to go get him when he walked in....TIRED?!?!?!? It's 10:47 AM and he has just woken up?!?!?!?! The.Actual.Fuck.

"Sasuke~Kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-" "Karin PLEASE don't be to loud I just woke up. Also Good morning to you too." Sasuke said with A SMILE?!?!?!?!?!? Again......THE. ACTUAL FUCK?!?!?!?!?!? Karin fainted. Sasuke looked at her with a confused look than just shrugged and continued on his merry little way-OH MY KAMI HE OFFERED TO HELP COOK BREAKFAST!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCKING HELL. Konan ,who is confused, was pushed out of the kitchen because to Sasuke "Konan you work too hard let me and Jugo handle it, you go and relax for the day." I shit you not he said that. All of us are silent and Konan looks more confused than if Oji~san came out saying hes gay for Orochimaru....Ew

I walked in the kitchen turned off the stove "Morning big brother did you need me for something?" he asked and.....HUGGED ME?!?!?!?!?! I grabbed his wrist and dragged him out of the compound as he asked where we were going. "Hokage" I simply answered he just shrugged and matched my pace saying good morning to everyone with a smile. This is too creepy. Maybe Tsunade knows what happened.


I woke up this morning to Tenten and Lee telling me to come train with them. We went to the training grounds and saw Sakura...WAIT SAKURA?!?!?!?!? She was working on target practice and close combat with clones that look difficult to defeat. "Hey isn't Sasuke the one up at 8 AM doing this?" Ten asked while checking her watch. I nodded speachless. We watched her for an 2 hours and 30 minutes fight non stop with a clone on close combat. Finally Lee ran up to his "Youthful Blossom" when she was taking a break. She had an empty look in her eyes, Me and Ten went to go see her.

"Morning sakura" Ten smiled and waved at her. Sakura just....nodded and said "hn". She than looked at me and greeted me with a "Hyuuga". Ten laughed "Hey great impression of Sasuke, Sakura." Sakura looked at he with a slightly raised eyebrow "What are you talking about?" We all deadpanned

She was continuing to call Lee "Annoying" and "Weak". I grabbed her wrist and she just looked at me questionably. "We are going to the Hokage" I said. She just sighed and muttered under her breath "Fine, geez hyuuga is annoying." As she walked past us to the hokage tower. We followed behind her. Tenten checked her watch 10:47 Am. Hope there is a reasonable explanation to why she is acting like Uchiha.


Gai and I were walking in the village talking about team strategies. Hey he may be weird but he has some good ideas for my team when it comes to training. "Hit me up with another bowl!" We looked and saw HINATA?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! She was eating like Naruto. We walked up to her and she noticed our presense. "OH HOY GOIYS...HOW GOOOS OT?" She asked while eating her...16,17,18,19,20th BOWL OF RAMEN. "Hinata it is very unyouthful to talk with your mouth full." Guy Sweat-dropped. I nodded. She finished her bowl with a slurp and wipe the juice off with her sleeve.

"Sorry Sensies. It's just really good. HEY OLD MAN ANOTHER BOWL PLEASE!" I am a bit creeped out by this to be honest. Hinata was TALKING AND EATING RAMEN NON-STOP. It was so odd. Shy loveable, sweet Hinata was eating Narutos amoun-OH MY KAMI SHE BEAT NARUTOS RECORD FOR MOST RAMEN BOWLS EATEN...AND SHE IS STILL GOING. THE HELL SHE'S ON HER 40TH BOWL. Gai got ahold of Hinatas hand. "Hinata I find it so youthful that you are being open and talkative" Gai said in his normal tone. Than his face became serious "However, We are taking you to the Hokage tower because you are seriously scaring the living shit out of me" He said with a serious voice. He than threw Hinata over her shoulder while she protests about leaving her precious ramen. I caught a glimpse of the clock 10:47 AM. I ran up to guy "What was with the seriousness? It's unlike you." I asked "I only use that when Lee becomes too youthfull or if I need to get a serious point across." He said back to his old ways. "Oh".


I ran into Ino, One of the boss mans comrades. She is actually very interesting, and passionate about flowers. I had asked her which flower would work for Moegi's suprise birthday party that was coming up. We wanted to go with a Ballroom fancy thing. Ino was going on about flowers and even had a book to show me which ones it what type of events. We saw Naruto walk by and I continued reading about yellow roses. I looked up when I heard Naruto Stutter...wait...Naruto...Stutter...Pause. "Hey-hey In-no how a-are you to-day?" He looked nervous. "Hey Naruto are you okay? Your stuttering" Ino asked he just nodded. This is to weird. We all started to walk together. He was quiet....let me repeat...NARUTO UZUMAKI WAS QUIET.

I than closed the book and tried to converse with him. He.Was.Stuttering.And.Was.Quiet. I pinched myself "Konoh-hamaru what are y-you doing?" Naruto asked. "Seeing if I'm dreaming because YOU ARE SCARING ME" I yelled at him. He 'Eep'ed and look down like sad-ish. "S-s-sorry I d-don't mean t-to do it." he said pushing his index fingures together. Ino checked her phone "It's 10:47 AM, c'mon Naruto we need to visit the hokage." She said taking his arm and forcing him to the tower. I followed behind them curious myself.




~Author-Chans POV~

Tsunade stared at the ninja infront of her. Than began laughing. "Okay guys you can stop with the impressions. They are spot on. How long did it take you all to work on those?" she asked calming down. She than saw that they were all confused- well Naruto, Hinata, and Sasuke were confused. Sakura looked like she doesn't give a fuck and would rather be training right now. When she finally realized this wasn't a joke she screamed.

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