Chapter 42: Sebastian And Scare

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"I can't wait to meet him."

45 Minutes Later...

We stop at my front door and smile at each other.

"Thanks for hanging out with us. I needed to get out." I thank Sebastian. He nods at me.

"Anytime." he responds.

"Well, I better get inside. I need to feed Leah." I say and turn to open my door, but he grabs my arm and spins me into his chest before crashing his lips against mine.

I freeze for a moment, before kissing him back slightly. This feels so wrong, but so right.

He pulls away and smiles at me before walking away, leaving me star struck. I stare after him for a minute before regaining my senses and walking inside with Leah.

I grab her and hold her against my chest before walking upstairs and putting her in her crib and then falling on the bed.

What did I do? Did I seriously put myself in a love triangle? How did this happen?! I can't do this! I have a child! I can't put her through this! She doesn't deserve this! All of this! She should have been born into a stable family, with a Mom and Dad, a happy family! Not me!

I groan and roll onto my side and try to think of something, anything, but I can't. My mind keeps drifting to Cole.

Okay, so, I love Cole, that's obvious. I mean, I was made for him, I have to love him. But Sebastian, he is so kind and sweet, and I can see myself falling in love with him one day. And he accepts Leah! Not many guys do that! He is absolutely perfect for me, and treats Leah and I so well.

But Cole. He is, he's Cole. He was made for me, and I for him. And Leah is his daughter. Our daughter. I mean, he is getting his crap together, right? But then, there is May. She seems like she loves him, I can't steal him away.

But I feel like something is, off, about her. Like she's hiding something. And the fact that she came over, and tried to pry into who Leah's father is, just doesn't seem right. No one would ask that. Maybe she knows it's Cole? Everyone knew. So she has to.

I sigh and shake my head. I'm making something out of nothing. May is a nice girl, being nice. That's all there is to it.

30 Minutes Later....

I sway back and forth soothingly and hum a song frantically, trying to calm a wailing Leah.

"Mom!" I yell, turning my face away from Leah so I don't yell in her ear.

Everything was fine, Leah was sleeping, everything was normal. I got a message though. It all went downhill.

Think you're a good mom? Think again. Keep an eye on your daughter

Leah woke up then, crying her eyes out with her chest heaving up and down, struggling to breathe. I shot up and ran to my baby and picked her up. She hasn't stopped since. I have no clue what's wrong. By now, tears are running down my face.
"Mom!" I shout again.

"What is it dear?" she yells back.

"Mom, please help!" I yell. I hear her coming up the steps and she reaches my door and looks at me worriedly.

"Honey, what's wrong? " she asks and comes to us. I shake my head.

"I don't know, everything was going fine. Then she started having a harder time breathing, and started bawling, and won't stop. Her diaper is clean, I fed her not to long ago, and she just slept. I'm trying everything! She won't calm down!" I say through my tears.

"Try feeding her again." she suggests. I nod and scramble to feed her. She turns her face away and hits my chest.

"She's not hungry." I say and continue to cry.

"Okay, check her diaper again." she suggests. I shake my head and set her on the bed after getting up.

"I just checked! She is clean!" I shout, frustrated.

"Calm down Morgan. You're working her up further." she says. I nod and try to relax. Harder then it seems.

"Feel for a fever." she says. I nod and feel her head. It's hot, really hot.

"She has a fever Mom." I say nervously. She nods.

"Okay, put her on her carrier, we'll take her to the doctor. Calling him now." she says and walks away, dialing his number on her phone.

I pick up Leah and put her in her carrier and slip on my flip flops before rushing to get to the car.

Leah continues to cry as we drive there and we get in the office. I rub her stomach and try to hum a tune. It usually calms her, but not right now.

"Okay. Who is her Mom?" the doctor asks us as he comes into the office, looking at us.

"Um, me." I answer and return my focus to Leah.

"Okay. What happened?" he asks me.

"I told the previous doctor! Just please tell me what's wrong!" I snap. He comes and looks at Leah.

"Okay Ma'am, calm down. You're stressing her." he says and examines Leah. I step away from her, causing her to cry more.

I return to my stop and nervously chew my lip, drawing blood. He does the normal stuff, and turns to me.

"Okay. I need to test Leah for the flu. How old is she?" he asks me. I touch my forehead and close my eyes.

"Um, 1 month. Her birthday is June 7th." I explain.

"Okay. Let me get started." he says and turns to Leah and begins testing her for the flu, I am to worked up to.knos how, but I see Leah's big eyes staring at me the whole time.

He leaves after testing her, probably to check the results. I rush to my baby and kiss her tiny head. I rub her stomach and hum a tune, trying to calm her. She eventually stops crying and begins hiccuping. I laugh weakly at how she gets confused when she hiccups.

"It's okay baby, you'll be fine." I say to her when I hear the door open. I turn around and see the doctor enter. I stand up straight and look at him with hopeful eyes.

"Okay. It seems like Leah just as the common cold." he says with a small smile. I let out a breath of relief and visibly relax.

"So why was she burning up? And having trouble breathing?" I ask him. He shrugs.

"No clue. But there's nothing to worry about if she is no longer burning up." he says. I turn to her and feel her head. It's at a normal temperature. 10 minutes ago she was burning up.

"No. She's not." I say confused. I take my hand away and turn to him. He nods.

"Okay, you just need to ease her symptoms by providing lots of fluid, keeping the air around her moist by using a humidifier, and clearing her nasal passages." he says. I nod.

"Thank you." I say relieved. He nods and smiles at me as I pick up Leah.

"Just don't let her out of your sight." he says. I laugh and nod, looking down at her.

"I will never stop, not until she is 100 years old."

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